Rick Ross Recruits Jay-Z, T-Pain, Lil Wayne To Help Him Thrill On Trilla

Rapper's sophomore album drops March 11.

Rick Ross is going from Miami's exotic waters to New York's rough concrete. He is filming his next video, for "The Boss," in NYC next week.

"That's the biggest boss!" said Ross, who wants to keep the plot for the video under wraps. "That's the second single from my album Trilla. [The song] is the Florida connect — me and T-Pain. It was overdue, so we got it in. J.R. Rotem produced it. He's got that quality West Coast production. Once I got my verses, I reached out to Pain. I told him to touch that chorus and fill it in, and he made that movie. It's a big record."

Pain is just one of the superstars featured on Trilla, which was originally slated to come out in December but is now due March 11. R. Kelly is featured on the first single, "Speedin'," while Jay-Z comes in on the smoothed-out-but-lyrically-deadly "Mayback Music."

"Revenue incredible, put me on a pedestal," Ross raps. "There's some things in life you can't buy like heaven in the sky, even a better ride."

Jay comes in, saying how the vibe "reminds me of Paul McCartney and Mike [Michael Jackson] fightin'/ 'The girl is mine'/ Life's a bitch so the whole world is mine/ ... I'm like G-Rap with better transportation on the road to the riches/ ... True story, my closet is like two stories/ This sh-- is bananas, peel back."

"That's a classic," Ross said of the song. "I got Mannie Fresh, he produced a record for me entitled 'Japanese Denim.' It's talking about that flavor of the month, that gear. In the club, ballin'. Got on the right denims, you're feeling yourself. You got your paper right. It's one of those classic Mannie Fresh productions that's gonna beat the club up, and the ladies gonna love it. Then I got 'Luxury Tax' with me, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Trick Daddy all on the same record. It's a street classic. Everybody is blazing guns."

"We don't get ridiculed, we get rid of fools," Wayne rhymes on the record. "They said I couldn't play football, I was too small/ They said I couldn't play basketball, I wasn't tall/ They said I couldn't play baseball at all/ Now every day I ball."

Jeezy chimes in, "I'mma wheelie, if I make it to the finish line/ And put the food on the table if it's dinner time/ I spent more time in the kitchen than I spent in the studio."

Ross is also in the middle of putting together a film with Cash Money's Birdman called "H." The two play friends in the underworld.