Jay-Z Coming Out On Top In Latest Rap Battle: Playing Connect Four

Consequence, seen losing to Hov in footage on the Web, says he's ready to take on all challengers.

Does Jay-Z have to win at everything? Music, business and now the iconic game Connect Four.

Kanye West's crew has been enjoying some intense Connect Four sessions during downtime while touring overseas on the international run of the Glow in the Dark Tour. A couple of weeks ago, photos of 'Ye losing to Beyoncé were posted on Louis Vuitton's personal Web site. Then last week, footage of Jay-Z playing G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence hit the Internet. Of course, Jay won.

"We went at it when we was on the Glow tour," Consequence, a guest on Kanye's first two albums, said recently in New York. "[Jay] flew out for the show. I had just finished snappin' everybody. Shout-out to Common, he took a whole bunch of ass-whippings. Me and Kanye go back and forth. It's like when we're on records: He'll get me, I'll get him. I'll get him, he'll get me. Kanye is good. He'll play me until I get disinterested then start whippin' my ass. Then I'll come back the next day and whip his ass."

Con said he had a secret strategy that has earned him way more wins than losses, but Hov discovered a way to crack the code. Thus, 'Quence took an L.

"It's a brain game, like chess," the Queens, New York, native said. "It's like an extension of checkers. It's like chess and checkers put together. Jay kinda has that. He knew what to do."

Since the footage of Consequence and Jay-Z became public, Con says he's received several challenges on message boards. He says he'll gladly take on all comers, and he'll bet money or rap verses. ("You beat me, I'll give you a verse. We could bet.") He also listed Common's manager, Derrick Dudley, and Kanye's longtime friend and tour manager, Don C, as tough Connect Four competitors.

"We just have fun with it," Con laughed.

It's not all fun and games with Consequence, though. He's an MC with one of the best understandings of how to market himself with a viral campaign. He's produced several low-budget but engrossing clips for the Web from his debut, Don't Quit Your Day Job, and street bangers such as "Uncle Rahiem," which co-starred DMC as his pain-in-the-butt older family member, and "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly," which Hype Williams helped edit. Kanye West appears in the latter video and song.

"I knew I had to take an aggressive approach to guerrilla promoting," he said. "I got more videos than everybody off their debut album. The crown is mine."

Consequence is almost done with his next effort, You Win Some, You Lose Some, which will be released within the next few months. A DVD called "Job Training" should drop around the same time.