Panic At The Disco Pledge To Drop Circus Theme, Underwear On Upcoming Tour

Band discusses wardrobe options at press conference for tour.

Panic at the Disco have already dropped the exclamation point from their name, and when they kick off the Honda Civic Tour on April 10 in San Francisco, it looks like they'll be dropping something else ... namely, their underpants.

"We've been talking about what we want to do for the show, but it's still a couple months off, so we can't really say anything for certain yet," guitarist Ryan Ross told MTV News.

"Well, I can say for certain that what I was wearing in [the video for "Nine in the Afternoon"] I won't be wearing ever again, in case it rains," bassist Jon Walker laughed.

"Right. We won't be wearing long underwear onstage," Ross added.

"But we will be wearing no underwear onstage," drummer Spencer Smith chuckled.

So there you have it, Panic fans ... get your tickets now if you want to see the guys without their underwear. And just in case you're not up to speed, the long underwear Ross is talking about will be seen in Panic's video for "Nine in the Afternoon," the first single from Pretty. Odd., which hits stores March 25. Though details are limited, we do know that the clip features one scene in which the Panic guys wear busbies (that's fancy talk for "marching-band hats"), fake mustaches, epaulets and — ahem — rather formfitting long johns.

But from the sound of things, that look — sort of Sgt. Pepper-meets-turn-of-the-century-beachgoer — won't be appearing on the Civic tour (which is sort of a bummer). And we're pretty certain the guys were joking about the whole "no underwear" thing. So just what can fans expect when they turn up to see Panic?

Well, as Ross tells us, just because Panic have dropped the "!" and traded in their top hats and ruffles for vests and ascots, that doesn't mean they're also ditching the whole "over-the-top psychedelic-circus" theme for their live shows. This time around, it'll be more of the same, only, you know, with less "psychedelic circus."

"As far as what we'll be wearing, I don't know," he said. "But our fans can at least expect another visually appealing show — just different from the last time."

Oh man. So no dominatrix mimes this time around? And though they're following in the footsteps of labelmates Fall Out Boy, who headlined the Civic tour last year, Panic haven't been asking Pete Wentz for advice on how to handle headlining. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

"We actually gave him pointers on how to handle the Honda Civic Tour last year," Walker laughed. "Stuff like 'Do good,' 'Play good songs' and, um, 'Play more of our songs.' "