Fat Joe Nixes Planned Eddie Murphy Cover, Salutes 'Hood Spartans On '300'

Rapper's various personalities — Don Cartagena, Joey Crack — are all in the Room.

NEW YORK — Fat Joe is indeed demonstrating his "crazy versatility" — at least based on a preview of the few records he has leaked from his March release, The Elephant in the Room. On one hand, you have his Don Cartagena side, coming out in the official single "I Won't Tell," which features J. Holiday. It's a smoothed-out record in which Joe promises to not spill the beans about his cavorting with a woman who is with another guy. Then there's "Crack House" (featuring Lil Wayne), for all the Joey Crack lovers of the Bronx, New York, native's brash street-shuffling and strong-arming.

Next up is "300." Produced by LV — he's also worked on Jay-Z's American Gangster, Diddy's Press Play and Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab — the track is an ode to Joe's 'hood Spartans — or as we know them, his Terror Squad.

"It's my modern-day 'My Life Style,' " Joe said recently. " 'This is where we fight/ This is where they die/ Booomf! 300 Terror Squad n---as walking down the block/ I am a professional/ I will cut your testicles.' Real violent sh--. It's hard."

Joe said he'll be balancing that out on the album with another potential single, the Danjahandz-produced "Party All the Time" — yep a remake of the 1985 Eddie Murphy track that was produced by Rick James.

"I got this song called 'Party All the Time,' " he smiled. "We did the old Eddie Murphy [song over].

"The n---a who loves '300' might hate that song," he laughed. "It's too sexy, but I'm killing that sh--. 'Happy, happy birthday baby/ If this is your song/ I love it when you sing that sh-- to me/ It really, really turns me on/ No, I go on, I go hard, it's Joey Crack the Don/ The promoter's buggin', screaming like, "Who invited thum?" ' Danja did that beat. The guys who wanna have a great time and the girls who love to have fun — that's gonna ring off. Versa-til-ity!"

Since Joe interviewed with us earlier in the week, the "Party All the Time" cover has been removed from his album. Joe has recorded a number of songs for his opus and is still finalizing it.

Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch, Cool and Dre, and DJ Khaled also contributed to The Elephant in the Room.