Beyonce, Foo Fighters Pledge To Attend Grammy Awards Despite Writers' Strike

It is unclear whether awards show will have to go on in a scaled-back format, à la the Golden Globes.

As speculation swirls about what form the Grammy Awards will take in light of the ongoing writers' strike, artists and industry professionals offered statements of support in a release issued by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences on Thursday (January 17). Many have speculated that the award show could end up like the Golden Globes announcement, which essentially amounted to a listless news conference.

However, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters' management have pledged that, for them at least, the show will go on. Beyoncé's father and manager, Mathew Knowles, has also insisted that he and his daugher will attend the event.

And unlike the Globes, or other productions such as late-night talk shows that have had to scale back, the Grammy Awards, according to Grohl, will go on full throttle. The Foo Fighters frontman said he will move on with plans to participate in the My Grammy Moment amateur-artist spotlight, which featured Justin Timberlake last year.

"We're participating in 'My Grammy Moment' because it creates opportunities," Grohl said in a statement. "Opportunities to write, compose, play and study music — skills that absolutely need to be passed on to generations to come. And thanks to 'My Grammy Moment,' a musician from that next generation is going to get the chance to audition on YouTube to play with us at the Grammys as part of our orchestra."

The Foos' manager, John Silva, likewise offered his intent to be involved in the show and also extended his support to the striking members of the Writers Guild of America.

"We're looking forward to attending this year's Grammy Awards as we do every year," he said. "We are hopeful that we will see a resolution to the current situation affecting our entire industry, as Foo Fighters have always had nothing short of amazing experiences with the writers, producers, fellow artists and audiences at the Grammys and every television show the band has ever played."

The music-industry event is scheduled to take place next month, February 10, but with many songwriters siding with the Writers Guild, it was uncertain exactly which artists would still perform on the big night.

Knowles confirmed that his daughter still intends to honor her invitation to perform, and B's sister Solange and Trin-I-Tee 5:7, who are also Knowles' clients, will also attend the show.

"The work of the Recording Academy is vital to the music industry, and we have every intention of being with the entire music community to celebrate the Grammys' 50th birthday in February," Knowles announced Thursday via prepared remarks. "Beyoncé, as well as my other artists, Solange and Trin-I-Tee 5:7, have been asked to participate and will do so. We have an incredible Beyoncé performance that will be announced soon. We wish the Grammys the best."

Earlier this week, the Recording Academy, which is responsible for the Grammy Awards, sought permission from the WGA to stage the show. Execs with the WGA, however, did not immediately offer a statement in regards to the request. A spokesperson for the WGA told media outlets the request would likely not be granted.

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