Ludacris, Chingy 'Move Forward And Reunite' On 'Gimme Dat' Video Set

Luda addresses leaked Usher track, talks about upcoming flicks; Ching is 'glad to be back' with Disturbing Tha Peace.

Water under the bridge, no tears over spilt milk, it's all 'hood.

However you want to phrase it, Chingy and Ludacris have let bygones be bygones and are excited to be working with each other again. The once-estranged friends shot the video for their latest collaboration, "Gimme Dat," recently in L.A. It's the second video from Chingy's Disturbing Tha Peace second coming, Hate It or Love It.

"We figured we'd move forward and reunite," Chingy said, sitting next to Ludacris during a long pause in filming. "We need more unity."

Chingy said his album title refers to how people will feel about his bond with DTP being re-formed. He thinks feelings will range from one extreme to the next. "It feels like I never went nowhere," Ching said. " 'Cris is like a brother to me, and I'm glad to be back and handling business with everyone."

It's business as usual for DTP's leader, Ludacris. He has movies, another solo album and, of course, record-label-CEO business to attend to this year.

"We are officially bigger than the old Wu-Tang used to be," he joked, referring to the Clan's reported 195-person-plus roster (both on and off the mic) back in the day. "Disturbing Tha Peace: We don't die, we multiply. It's a lot of members we got. A lot of artists are dropping in 2008. We got singers, rappers — it's a little bit of everything."

Luda's Theater of the Mind is dropping in the coming months (he declined to reveal who he's been working with but said he's at the midway point), while Bobby Valentino — who is also featured on "Gimme Dat" — has almost completed his Underground Love.

"My album is pretty much down right now," Bobby said. "It's called Underground Love because I feel like I have an underground cult that love Bobby Valentino, that enjoy what I do. It's for all those fans. I hope I gain new fans, but this album is different than all other R&B albums."

Outside of his camp, Luda has been all over the country doing guest spots with various artists. The one artist 'Cris has had the most success with is Usher. A new record by the two, "Dat Girl Right There," leaked a few weeks ago, though it is still up in the air whether the song will make Usher's new LP.

"It got leaked early, way before it got mixed or anything," Luda said of the collaboration. "I'm not sure exactly what the status is of that particular song, but I do know Usher is working hard, and his album will be dropping in 2008. That's the homie. Regardless if that song is gonna make it or not, because it got leaked way too early, we're always down to make history again."

On the movie front, 'Cris has three under his belt: "Game" with Gerard Butler (he doesn't expect that until 2009 though), "Ball Don't Lie" and "RocknRolla."

"Guy Richie [directed] 'RocknRolla,' " Luda said of the flick, which also stars Thandie Newton. "It's incredible. Another gangsta flick done in the U.K. 'Ball Don't Lie,' [it's about a kid] who's a part of an orphanage, but the one talent he had was basketball growing up his whole life, and that molded him into a man. I kind of help him."

Check out everything we've got on "RocknRolla."

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