Bow Wow, Chris Brown's New Enemy? Rapper Laughs Off Rumor: 'Chris Is Like My Brother'

Actually, the two just completed two tracks together while on their co-headlining tour, Bow reveals.

"Phlegm-gate"? "Bow Weezy vs. Chris Breezy"? Was the self-proclaimed "Prince of Rap" spitting more than just rhymes on Saturday night?

On Tuesday morning (January 15), rumors of another Bow Wow backstage tantrum hit the Net, and this time bloggers put his Exclusive Holiday Tour mate Chris Brown, right in the middle of it. As rumor had it, Bow was so upset with some technical difficulties he experienced during his Saturday concert at Dallas' American Airlines Center that afterward, he had a very conspicuous, verbal confrontation with Brown in the arena hallway. Citing sabotage, Bow was then said to have spit in Brown's face while being pulled away by onlookers.

From teen idol to the next Tupac? On Tuesday afternoon, Bow and Chris literally laughed off the talk.

"Man, listen," Bow said via phone while visiting a mall in Tampa, Florida, where he and Brown performed Monday night. "I just got off the phone with Chris. My mom called me and told me about the rumor. I called him and told him, and he started laughing. We was dying [with laughter].

"Anybody who knows me or anybody who's been around me knows I'm not that kind of person," he continued. "I [felt bad] for New York [reality-TV star Tiffany Pollard] when she got spit on during 'Flavor of Love.' A wise man once taught me, the most vicious thing you can do is spit on somebody. It's just a rumor. It's a big rumor. I would never do that. That's not being a man, that's a sissy act."

Brown's rep was unable to be reached by press time.

Bow — who was hospitalized after throwing a fit in his dressing room while on the tour last month — said the only part of the rumors that is true is that he did have technical difficulties during his Dallas set. One of the rapper's speakers blew out, forcing him to end his show early — and spoiling a would-be surprise appearance by Omarion.

"In the business we're in, we are professionals," he explained. "We don't get paid big money for nothing. I was in front of 20,000 people in Dallas. I said, 'Hey y'all, we got a blown speaker, and I'm not gonna let that stop me.' Me going crazy and spitting on Chris, that's absurd. Chris is like my brother. He has the utmost respect for me. ... He looks up to me. That's my dude to the end.

"We're selling out every major arena," Bow continued. "[Jealous] people want to see me and Chris bump heads, but it's not gonna happen. I only got five friends in the industry. Chris is definitely one of them. I would never spit in somebody's face who I let sleep at my house when he comes to Atlanta or Miami. That's just not in my character. That's so far-fetched, it's stupid. Me and Chris have been on tour since the last week of November. We've never fought. What are they gonna say next?"

The "Prince of the O-Town" also dismissed another rumor, that he'd been ego-tripping throughout the tour because of Brown's role as the last performer on the bill.

"When it comes to touring, I don't mind. I'll come on first," he said. "It's about putting together the best possible tour for the people. I think about the people first. If I was a 15- or 16-year-old girl, I would wanna see the hottest people out, period. Myself, Chris Brown, Omarion and Soulja Boy — let's give it to the people. Chris' first tour was with me in '05. We've been on two tours together. And we close [this tour's show] with 'Shortie Like Mine.' Me and Chris is not ego-trippin'. We get on the road, play basketball, have fun. If he needs anything from me, I'll do it. If I need anything from him, he'll do it.

Bow Wow and Brown actually just finished up a couple of tracks together. Bow, along with Hurricane Chris, just jumped on a remix to Brown's next single, "Picture Perfect." Meanwhile, the young R&B star has recently completed his part on "Slam," a Bow and Omarion track that also features R. Kelly.

"We're trying to figure that out right now," Bow said of where the song will end up. As of right now, there are tentative plans to put "Slam" on a future repackaging of Bow and Om's December duet LP, Face Off.

"It's a big uptempo club record," Bow said of "Slam." "Big, big record."

"Slam" likely won't be coming for quite some time, though. Bow said he and O want to drop the singles "He Ain't Gotta Know" and "Can't Get Tired of Me" after their current one, "Hey Baby (Jump Off)," gets worn out. They're also planning a House of Blues tour sometime after Bow's 21st birthday, on March 9. Bow plans to have several b-day bashes — in Miami, Atlanta, New York and Las Vegas — to celebrate the milestone.

"I just purchased my condo in Vegas," Bow said.