Snoop Dogg Aims For The Stars: Madonna, Bono, Mick Jagger On His Collabo Wish List

MC, whose new LP drops in March, also planning new tour, clothing line, pet-care products — and grocery-store chain called 'Snoopermarkets'!

Snoop Dogg is showing his R&B side on his latest single, "Sensual Seduction," but what about his rock edge? The West Coast mic maven stopped by the MTV offices recently and said he would like to collaborate with some icons to help him bring out that rarely seen side of his music.

"I want to work with Madonna, Bono or Mick Jagger," he said. "I'm on some rock sh--, man. Snoop Dogg, man! Rappers don't really move me too much. They can't do what I did. I'm trying to get down with something that's outta the box and bigger than me."

The Doggfather isn't too sure what the next single will be from his upcoming album, Ego Trippin', but he has a couple of choices. One of them is "Sets Up," one of two Neptunes-produced tracks he's thinking about putting out as singles.

"Sets up, just throwing your neighborhood up. Everybody like to throw their sets up. Then I did one that's called 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now' with me, Pharrell, Nelly and Charlie Wilson," explained Snoop, who had previously told MTV News, "I'mma do the whole record, me by myself. I don't want no guest rappers, no singer, nothing. Just Snoop Dogg."

"It's about leaving your girl, not leaving your girl," he elaborated recently about "Feet Don't Fail Me Now." "You should never leave your girl. It's a good party record, but it has some real meaning to it.

"I got so many hot songs I can come with," Snoop added. "I'm trying to see what the vibe is. 'Sensual Seduction' is fast, it's party. Do I wanna slow down or keep the pace rolling? It's all about what I wanna do next. I'm thinking about performing as well. So everything I put down is the thoughts of me performing, and the thought of you loving it and appreciating it."

In 2008, Snoop wants to introduce a new clothing line called "Rich and Infamous," a brand of pet-care products and a chain of grocery stores called "Snoopermarkets." There's also a tour for which he promises to perform "Sensual Seduction" on the piano, with a talk-box and backing from a live band.

"I'm getting some ideas in my head," he said about the outing. "It's probably gonna be Snoop Dogg and Teddy Riley. Something to that effect. I wanna bring it real big. He's got so many hits, I've got so many hits. I feel we'll go real big with this new thing we got."

Riley is another producer who is contributing to Snoop's March release. To hear more about his collaborations with Riley, as well as why Snoop and Ice Cube both wouldn't mind being a part of Nas' new LP, check out the latest installment of Mixtape Monday.