John McCain's Daughter Meghan Calls Obama 'Cute,' Says Her Dad Is Hip To Young Voters

'I think my dad definitely has always consistently been a Republican that reaches out to young voters,' she told MTV News in New Hampshire.

Meghan McCain and the two girlfriends with whom she publishes the online journal McCain Blogette aren't quite the Boys on the Bus, the group of heavy-handed political reporters who were the subject of a book by the same name after they tagged along with candidates during the 1972 presidential campaign.

She, for one, isn't a journalist, but rather the daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, who is currently in New Hampshire attempting to win the Republican primary being held in the state on Tuesday (January 8).

And rather than loading up the Net with yet another wonky Web site or affixing it to her father's campaign, Meghan instead posts videos and personal entries sticking to what she knows best: herself, a 23-year-old recent Columbia University graduate, who just happens to have a dad with an interesting job.

The blog is independent from the campaign, which, according to Meghan, means she doesn't have to worry too much about advisers fretting over it.

"I don't know if there are any responsibilities other than, you know, don't wear your pajamas to a rally," she told MTV News with a laugh while her father was off in the distance giving a stump speech at a Concord event on Monday.

McCain the daughter has free reign to venture anywhere the elder McCain happens to be. Her posts are often behind-the-scenes portraits of her father getting peppered with makeup before a debate or of her and her mother giving a joint interview for a New Hampshire TV affiliate.

She doesn't stump for her father in particular on her site, but when asked to address her father's appeal with young voters, Meghan doesn't hesitate.

"I think my dad definitely has always consistently been a Republican that reaches out to young voters," she explained. "[So far] he's the only Republican ... that has done the MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogues."

"He's older, but he doesn't act old," Meghan continued. "He's full of energy. He really stays up to date on pop-culture issues, too."

In fact, to Meghan's surprise, she discovered one day that her dad was actually fond of a particular female rapper.

"People seem to think he only listens to really old music," she said. "But I was telling someone he really likes Lauryn Hill. I borrowed his car once in D.C., and I was like, looking through [his] CDs, and I was like, 'Oh, Lauryn Hill.'

Since her father has been down this road before — he won the New Hampshire primary in 2000 — Meghan understands the appeal of new candidates like Democratic Senator Barack Obama versus a steadfast politician like the elder McCain.

"I know he's not as sexy as Obama and interesting and young and fresh," she said. "But I definitely still think he has an appeal. It's not important to him [to be sexy]. I think Obama's cute, so ... I see why people are, just on a very superficial level, drawn to him."

But Meghan feels that it's her father who hits the right notes when it comes to the youth and that, ultimately, he resonates more with that voting bloc than his opponents do.

"His issues — global warming, the war — and he listens to young people and really takes an initiative," she added, "which I don't think a lot of politicians do."

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