Britney Spears Ruling: Kevin Federline Will Temporarily Receive Sole Custody

'There are no winners here,' Federline's lawyer says after emergency hearing.

After the conclusion of an emergency hearing in Britney Spears' custody case, the singer faces new restrictions in her visitations with her two young sons. According to court documents released after the hearing, Kevin Federline has gained sole legal and physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James, and Spears' visitations with her children will be suspended temporarily. The matter will be discussed again at a hearing on January 14.

Lawyers for both sides met in the judge's chambers for roughly a half-hour Friday afternoon (January 4), following a morning session in chambers that lasted around 20 minutes. Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, who asked for the emergency session, declined to comment on what Commissioner Scott Gordon decided. When asked if he was happy with the outcome, Kaplan told reporters, "I'm not happy about any of these affairs. There are no winners here." He also disputed rumors that Federline had been present for the hearing.

Spears, who remains under observation at Cedars-Sinai following a custodial dispute at her home Thursday night, has faced a number of restrictions since October, including supervised visitations, random drug testing, individual counseling, co-parenting counseling with Federline, individual parenting coaching and a Parenting Without Conflict program. Legal experts told MTV News on Friday that Spears will have to go through a long process before regaining unsupervised visitations with her children, and that the next step toward that would be supervised visits in a facility outside her home.

Los Angeles police have no plans to charge Spears with any crime relating to the incident, either for endangering her children or being under the influence. "We were only there because of the child-custody dispute, and that's going to play out in the courts," police spokesperson Ana Aguirre told MTV News. "We weren't looking to charge her, and as far as we're concerned, the case is closed."