Britney Spears Might Star In Rookie Filmmaker's New Flick -- But First He Has To Meet Her

'Britney would bring a lot to the film,' says 'Memoirs of a Medicated Child' producer Tommy Parker, who says he's in talks with Spears' people.

[Editor's note: This story appeared briefly on MTV News' site on Friday, January 4, 2008. In light of Britney Spears' hospitalization, we elected to remove it. We plan to update the information in the coming weeks.]

Rookie filmmaker Tommy Parker might be on the verge of a major casting coup. A few weeks away from rolling cameras on his low-budget thriller "Memoirs of a Medicated Child," he says he's in negotiations with the one-and-only Britney Spears, who'd play the sympathetic girlfriend of a troubled young man. It would be the pop singer's first movie in six years.

Now, all he has to do is actually meet her.

"We haven't sat down with her yet — we've just sat down with her people," explained the 30-year-old producer. "Some of my friends are talking to some of her friends for me. They know about the script, they know about the movie, and they're interested in doing it. If all goes well, she'll sign that contract."

If that happens, Spears will be invading Oklahoma next month for her first film since 2002's "Crossroads," to help tell the trippy tale of a man whose prescribed medication stole his grasp on reality. "It's about a guy who was wrongly diagnosed and overmedicated and spent the next 30 years of his life in and out of mental institutions and prisons," Parker explained of the script based on the real-life memoirs of Tulsa resident Mark Black. "It was all drug-induced schizophrenia; he went to some crazy places in his life.

"The guy broke a mirror in school, on a dare," the producer said of how the character's troubles begin. "This is back in the '70s. He got busted for it at school, and they put him on anxiety medicine. They kept upping his doses, he'd get crazier side effects, and it destroyed his whole life."

The psychological thriller would cast the infamous pop star alongside some familiar names, as well as several up-and-coming actors. "Andy Dick is playing a mental patient; it will be a little different for him and not as crazy as usual," he explained. "Ross Tyler is the main character and Adam Ropp is his best friend. Samantha Falk will be in it, and Peter Iacangelo ['Fight Club'] will play John Gotti — because there was a point in Mark's life when he was in prison, some guys were coming after him to kill him, but Gotti and his people ended up saving his life."

But if Spears joined the film, its profile would undoubtedly shoot up several notches. "If everything goes well, she'll be playing the longtime girlfriend," Parker said of the role, which would most likely have Brit aging onscreen. "She has known him through his whole life and is with him through all his struggles. She stays loyal to him.

"Britney would bring a lot to the film," he continued. "She's definitely going through some hard times right now, but I think [that will help] her bring great things to the film."

Adding that "the whole movie is going to be an emotional roller coaster," Parker was quick to cut off any notion that Britney might bare her body on the big screen. "There's not going to be a lot of that going on," he said of the script. "Sex and lovemaking and all that, it won't be going on in the film."

What is likely to occur if Britney signs, however, is a paparazzi blitz on the small film set. But Parker says he and his equally new-to-the-business producing partner Tim Finley, who grew up together and refer to themselves on their Web site as "A couple carpet cleaners from Oklahoma," can handle any chaos that might pop up in their old stamping ground.

"We're going to shoot in Oklahoma, where we know the locations. ... I'm not worried," he insisted. "I've lived in Tulsa most my life. You don't see paparazzi out here."

Adding that the "Gimme More" hitmaker might also contribute a song to the movie's soundtrack — "If we can work something out like that, that would be great" — Parker plans to start shooting some scenes "next week" and hopes to sit down with Britney soon and iron out the deal. "Everything is looking pretty decent," he added. "It's going to be a pretty cool part for her."

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