Enemy Of The Sun's Approach: 'Think Positive'; Plus Earth Crisis, Averse Sefira & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'You can't always be angry,' guitarist/songwriter Waldemar Sorychta says.

Plenty of metal bands seesaw between polar opposites, contrasting red-eyed rage with summery, hope-filled melody. But few explore the numerous emotional shades between black and white, and even fewer do so while experimenting with Spanish, Asian, Middle Eastern and classical music. Juggling so many styles and moods is a challenge on which accomplished producer and Enemy of the Sun guitarist/songwriter Waldemar Sorychta thrives.

"The goal isn't just to mix so many different influences and sounds, but to put them together with this very heavy stuff and have them fit perfectly," he said. "The music that we make doesn't just sound like a gathering of parts — all the sounds ... work together in a straight line."

The debut album by Enemy of the Sun, Shadows (out January 22), is multifaceted and complex, filled with abrupt rhythm changes and genre shifts. Yet, regardless of the schizophrenic sound, the songs hold together with crafty transitional phrases and stanzas that shuttle the music from intro to outro without the listener feeling the turbulence.

"I think it works so naturally, because I'm always open to every kind of music and enjoy everything that allows you to really hear the feeling behind it," said Sorychta, who also has Grip Inc., Eyes of Eden and other bands on his résumé. "Every good song should tell you a story without you even knowing the lyrics. And I believe in putting many different moods in the music because you don't live your life in one constant mood. Every day, you have different experiences, so you will find many things in the songs — anger, happiness, but most of all, excitement. Everybody in Enemy of the Sun feels the music and is deeply inside of every song."

Sorychta implemented some of the musical ideas of Enemy of the Sun — named after Neurosis' 1993 album — in Grip Inc., which released four albums between 1995 and 2004. In 2005, Grip went on indefinite hiatus when their drummer, Dave Lombardo, returned to his original band, Slayer. At first, Sorychta focused on producing other bands, including Lacuna Coil, Samael, Tiamat, Moonspell and the Gathering. Then he started looking for new bandmembers for a fresh project.

The first recruit was drummer Daniel Zeman, who was recommended by a friend. After a quick jam session, Sorychta knew he was on the right path. "I was really amazed, because this guy can play with groove and also play fast as hell, so I can basically do any kind of music I wish. It was paradise for me as a composer because I knew I wouldn't have to set any boundaries."

Next came Jules Naveri, a Finnish singer who can scream like a tortured demon and croon like a pop singer. Sorychta met up with Naveri after checking out his local band.

"I invited him to play with us, and he amazed me even more than I expected," Sorychta said. "When he sings [melodically], it's very strong and very nice, but when he shouts or screams, it's fierce. Some people ask me if I have three different singers in this band, because his voice is so diverse."

Enemy of the Sun cemented their lineup with Sorychta's friend Alla Fedynitch, an accomplished composer and pianist who also plays bass. Once the roster congealed, the band entered the studio to start recording songs for Shadows, an album that reflects the duality of human existence and the inherent darkness of mankind.

"Some lyrics are a bit political, some are personal, but none of them are saying, 'Oh, life is wonderful. You just have to live with flowers around,' " Sorychta said. "That is bullsh--. Of course, the lyrics have always had a positive message, but they're about understanding that there's a lot of terrible things going on around us. Sometimes to watch the news is the most terrible thing in the entire day. After five minutes, you can come close to puking because you go, 'It is not possible. That's all human beings.' "

Rather than become overwhelmed by such harsh reality, Sorychta turns his aggressive feelings into creative expression. "Even when I'm in a very angry situation, which is where some of this brutal music comes from, there's always this release. And then I say, 'Well, you can't always be angry. That's not the way to change something.' So, I think you have to always try to think positive and make a change within yourself by putting energy in everything you do."

As much as he enjoys Enemy of the Sun, Sorychta doesn't completely write off an eventual Grip Inc. reunion. He harbors no ill feelings toward any of the bandmembers, and if Lombardo were to become available, another meeting of the minds might be inevitable. However, as fond as Sorychta is of music he wrote with Grip, he has no intention of disbanding Enemy of the Sun.

"Enemy is a very good family, and I feel very comfortable there," he explained. "The music and this band is the result of 100 percent passion, and that is the most important thing. The music is not made to prove something — it's just made because it has to exist."

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