Soulja Boy, Eve, Lil Mama Make Tweetie's Top 10 Dances Of 2007 List

'Aunt Jackie,' 'Pop, Lock & Drop It,' 'Popping' and more made the cut.

Everything goes in cycles. Just a few years ago, in the "Gangstas don't dance, they boogie" era, some fans would look funny at rappers if they got up onstage or in their videos and tried any leg movement more elaborate than a two-step. Well, after a 180-degree turn, having a dance to go along with your ringtone single is almost as common as having a mic in your hand to move the crowd.

There were at least a couple of dozen dances this year that made us lose our breath and get a serious workout on the dance floor. Our resident dance consoeur Tweetie knows how to do them all — and can even make up new dances if she has to. Tweet narrowed down a list of dances to her top 10 favorites of the year and told us why she picked them.

To see Tweet and her girls in action, log on to the "Dances From Tha Hood" site. "Holla atcha bird!"

Top 10 Dances (in no specific order)

1. "The Aunt Jackie" - Jason Fox

This is the simplest but most mysterious dance that I have ever heard of or seen. Finally figured it out, but damn. And can somebody please tell me who the hell Aunt Jackie is? Shout-out to our boy J. Fox — call me!

2. "Tambourine" - Eve

Bangin' song! Swizz Beatz done did it again. Though this dance came and went, it was still hot for the summer. You could do this without sweatin' out your weave and still keep it cute. It's showtime!

3. "Popping" (dance style)

I had to mention this style because it's one of my favorites. I love the isolations and robotic moves that sometimes come from it. It's very popular in the underground world of dance. So many artists, male and female — Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Usher, Mya, Omarion, Chris Brown and Ciara — include this style in their videos and stage shows. I love it!

4. "Crank That" - Soulja Boy

This dance is fun and catchy. Funny how people in the clubs only know the first part of the dance, the "Superboy," and then go straight to the "U'lllll!" part. Everything else in the middle always gets lost. But don't ever try to pull off this dance in an empty pool. Going down! U'lllll!

5. "Dutty Wine" - Tony Matterhorn

Caution: Be very careful. This dance may lead to headaches, dizziness and lookin' like a crazy. I'm gonna need a neck brace for this one.

6. "Hot Wuk" - Mr. Vegas

Ay ay ay ay ayyyyy! Aight now, don't git pregnant!

7. "Pop, Lock & Drop It"

Wait! Don't ever have the Teletubbies droppin' it like it's hot on YouTube. Dolla bills everywhere. Git it, Stewie!

8. "Cupid Shuffle" - Cupid

I actually went to a club in Atlanta with my boy Smoov (from the show), and when this song came on, best believe the entire club was gettin' it in! This dance should be done at every black function.

9. "Lip Gloss" - Lil Mama

It's poppin' ... it's poppin'!

10. "The 5000" - DJ Webstar

OK, first off, who told y'all it was called "The 5000"? I understand that after dancing mad hard, gettin' it in and killing it, you're supposed to drop dead of exhaustion (think Chris Brown at the end of his performance at the VMAs or in the "Kiss Kiss" video). Well, honey, it's called a dip or a layout, and it's incorporated into the style of voguing. Janet did it in "So Excited" and Beyoncé's dancers did it in the "Get Me Bodied" video. So Imma need y'all to do your homework before you get up and start falling all over the place lookin' like one of "the kids." How you doin'?