Fall Out Boy Frontman Patrick Stump's 'Little Worker Bee' Won't Crack In 'Law & Order' Episode

'It was a real cool opportunity,' he says; ep, originally slated to air in early February, has moved up to January 2 broadcast.

In late October, MTV News learned that Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump was stepping out from behind the microphone to become the prime suspect in a high-profile NYC kidnapping/murder case on NBC's "Law & Order."

Well, now we know a bit more: The episode, called "Darkness," was originally scheduled to air in early February, but it'll now air on January 2, as part of the two-hour premiere of the show's 18th season. Stump plays a lowly office employee named Marty Dressler, who comes under suspicion when the wife and daughter of a high-ranking executive are kidnapped ... and a housekeeper is murdered.

In October, Amber James, a spokeswoman for NBC, told MTV News that Stump has "two key scenes in the interrogation room," and, well, the network was nice enough to send one of them over to us! In it, a shaggy-haired Stump is being grilled by Detectives Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) about some rather questionable e-mails they've found in his computer. The detectives try their best to get Stump to crack, provoking him with taunts of being "a little worker bee," but at the last second, his lawyer steps in and shuts it down with a terse "we're finished talking."

Intense, we know. And imagine how much more intense it'd be if NBC allowed us to show it to you online! But, don't fret, you'll be able to check out the clip for yourself on Thursday afternoon, at 3:30 pm on "TRL." Tune in and see if Stump's acting chops live up to his legendary muttonchops.

And just what do Stump's bandmates think about his turn as a (possible) bad guy? Well, we decided to find out when we caught up to them on the red carpet at last month's CosmoGirl! Born to Lead awards in New York.

"It's cool. They chose him because, well, look at that him," guitarist Joe Trohman laughed. "Looking all sweet and looking all nice, but he's a real-deal creep underneath those glasses."

Stump himself was (surprise) incredibly humble about the whole thing, telling MTV News that he's a big fan of "L&O," and that despite what reviews may come, his performance on the show will probably be a one-time-only situation.

"It was a real cool opportunity. Anything you can take back to your band is," he said. "We go off and do our little fun things, but [Fall Out Boy] is always our main focus."