Green Day Staying Mum About Foxboro Hot Tubs As More Clues Bubble To The Surface

Hints suggesting band is actually an alleged GD side project are cropping up left and right.

You've got to hand it to Green Day. Even though they're currently somewhere between the "writing" and "recording" stages of their follow-up to American Idiot, they've apparently found the time to start an entirely new band.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Foxboro Hot Tubs, the newest — but oldest-sounding — addition to the Green Day family.

Taking their cues from 1960s garage rock (lots of "doo doo doo" backing vocals and the occasional pealing Hammond Organ) and featuring a rather inexplicable name — which may or may not be related to the Foxborough, Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots — FHT recently "released" a six-song album, Stop Drop and Roll!!!, via their Web site. And while no other information is available about the band — the only clue is that Stop was apparently "manufactured by J&G Fair Trade, San Francisco, California" (Green Day hail from the East Bay) — it sounds an awful lot like Billie Joe Armstrong's band, especially the vocals on songs like the title track and "Ruby Room," which is almost identical to GD's "Hitchin' a Ride."

Further evidence that the Green Day guys might be behind the Hot Tubs: a link to FHT's MySpace page is prominently featured on GD's official fan site, and the opening riffs of Hot Tubs song "She's a Saint, Not a Celebrity" is nearly identical to that of "Right Hand-a-Rama," a tune by Green Day side project the Network. The song was featured on Money Money 2020, the 2003 album issued by the masked, new-wave act that claims to be the enemy of Green Day but is almost undoubtedly — although the band has never confirmed this — Green Day themselves. Also, the back cover of Stop Drop and Roll!!! features a goat-head-and-martini-glass logo that's exactly the same as the "Church of Lushotology" symbol seen on the Network's site, under the "Church" section.

Of course, for the time being, it looks like the mystery of the Hot Tubs will remain unsolved: A spokesman for Green Day's label, Reprise Records, told MTV News that he knew nothing about the band, and e-mails to GD's manager were not returned. Stop Drop and Roll!!! can be downloaded for free on the FHT site.