Barack Obama On 'Tyra,' Snowman Videos And More Clues We're Already Over Election 2008, In Our Year-End Top 10s

Chuck Norris presidential ads, Hillary Clinton nutcrackers also contribute to campaign fatigue.

With primaries starting as early as January and with smear tactics well under way, election 2008 has gotten a head start on inane campaign moments, leading us to wonder if we aren't already totally over it. Even Karl Rove, the powerful White House insider who earns millions every time he opens his mouth, has warned that "politicians are wearing out their welcome." From video snowmen to real-life action figures, there have been some moments we all love to hate and hate to love. So from the Campaign Desk here at MTV News, we bring you the top 10 signs we might already be over election 2008.

10. The Thompson Twins

There's still a year until we hit the polls, and we've already been visited by two Thompsons, neither of whom can quite keep up. Tommy Thompson, former governor of Wisconsin, joined the race in early April and dropped out in August. Fred Thompson, former star of "Law & Order," has been looking as though he might drop dead. If neither a good old Wisconsin boy nor a TV star can win this thing, who can?

9. Swift What-Ing?

Mean-spirited ads are nothing new, especially when Democrats and Republicans are getting down and dirty toward the end of the race. This time around, however, the intra-party smear campaigns are out of control. In fact, almost every single Democratic candidate has claimed that they were "Swift Boated." What is that, you ask? Don't feel bad: The term didn't even exist before the 2004 election when the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth (also known as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) very publicly attacked Senator John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for president. "Swift Boated" has become commonplace political jargon for when a candidate is bad-mouthed in a way he or she considers to be petty or unfair.

8. Mike Who?

Crotchety old Mike Gravel (age 77), former Alaskan senator and current Democratic presidential hopeful, got airtime on more than one occasion, and how did use the opportunity? To discuss legalizing crack.

7. Candidates Call In Real-Life Action Heroes

Chuck Norris — 'nough said.

6. Even If Hillary Can't Get A Kung-Fu Grip ...

She can always turn to Urban Outfitters. The trendy store has begun selling nutcrackers in Clinton's likeness a full year before Election Day. Imagine, a little Hillary breaking nuts right before your eyes. Wow.

5. Making Time For Tyra

If you're running for president, getting your face out there and making public appearances is crucial to get votes. Having spent a few days on the campaign trail with the candidates, however, we are aware that their schedules are busier than anyone's. So when we saw Barack Obama on "The Tyra Banks Show," we started to worry.

4. UFO Sightings And Other Conspiracies

We all know that campaigns are stressful, and sometimes politicians can get a little bit crazy. No big deal, right? Unfortunately, this long electoral process has taken a mental toll on some of the candidates. Democrat Dennis Kucinich claimed to have seen a UFO, while Republican Ron Paul believes there is a conspiracy to create a global government.

3. "Snowman Video" Is A Nationally Recognized Term

During the Democratic CNN/YouTube Debate in July, an animated snowman asked a question about global warming. When asked whether he would participate in the Republican CNN/YouTube forum, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said, "I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman." Since then, the snowman video has gotten more press than even some of the candidates.

2. Someone Had Time To Make This

Apparently we need Ron Paul for the long haul.

1. And Finally, Mitt Romney's Big Tent

The GOP candidate met the Hooters girls in a video that found its way online; had his ads "accidentally" end up on; and made a highly publicized speech about his Mormon faith. Talk about covering all of your constituent bases!