Harry Potter-Inspired Wizard Bands That Rock, In MTV News' Year-End Top 10s

Draco and the Malfoys may be bitter about being outranked by the Remus Lupins.

Like most of the media world, we here at MTV News obsess and argue relentlessly over our year-end top 10s. This year, we thought we'd share them! Our staff top 10s, along with several less-conventional lists we've come up with, will be rolling out all this week. Find out our picks for couples, guilty-pleasure songs, albums, hot messes, arrests and much more. Enjoy, and share your own top 10s in You Tell Us!

1. Switchblade Kittens

2. Harry and the Potters

3. The Parselmouths

4. The Remus Lupins

5. Ministry of Magic

6. Draco and the Malfoys

7. The Moaning Myrtles

8. Catchlove

9. The Owl Post

10. The Whomping Willows

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