Facebook Hateorade, Strobe Lights And Other Awful (And Fake) Applications, In MTV News' Year-End Top 10s

Come to think of it, why hasn't the social-networking site come up with these annoying time-wasters?

Like most of the media world, we here at MTV News obsess and argue relentlessly over our year-end top 10s. This year, we thought we'd share them! Our staff top 10s will be rolling out all this week, along with several less conventional lists we've come up with, like couples, guilty-pleasure songs, albums, hot messes, arrests and much more. Enjoy, and share your own top 10s in You Tell Us!

10. Send STDs (by the makers of Vampires and Zombies, and Send Hotness)

Are you a spreader of venereal diseases? Wouldn't it be fun to pretend to be? Virtually infect your friends with common STDs including chlamydia, genital warts, herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis and syphilis. Build resilience by spreading as many STDs as you can.

9. Hateorade (by Gatorade)

Share hateorade and get served hateorade by your frienemies. Hateorade is a drink that gives haters their ability to hate. You may also share a virtual Gatorade drink, thereby stopping all the hateorade.

8. Fat Fuzzy Friends (by the makers of Top Friends)

Save time while showing your fat fuzzy friends some love. Add a box of up to 32 of your FFFs to your profile. Now they are one click away, so you won't have to search every time you want to check up on them and bask in their fat fuzzy warmth.

7. Date a Zuckerberg

Compete against your friends to win a date with one of more than 500 Zuckerbergs registered on Facebook. Begin by poking more distant Zuckerbergs and gradually advance to the crown jewel: Facebook founder Mark Z. But with a $15 billion value on Facebook, there should be plenty of wealth to go around the whole family.

6. Beacon Guiding Light (by Facebook, creators of Beacon)

Beacon has helped all of us find ourselves by shining a light on our private Web purchases and our other online "news" activities. But do you find yourself still lost? Are you still waiting to be guided out of the dark, invisible patches of the Web by the glowing, omniscient light of Beacon? Beacon Guiding Light will make sure you never leave the range of its light again by following you wherever you go. Rest assured, knowing that no matter where you book your next trip or what presents you purchase, Facebook will be there to cast its light on you and tell all your friends.

5. Strobe Light

Express yourself with a strobe light on your profile. Comes in red, yellow or green flashes of light. Catch the attention of friends and trigger seizures in profile visitors.

4. Hirsuteness IQ

What's the tensile strength of your body hair? Do your friends or significant others have hair in areas that you had no idea hair follicles could exist? Chimps or gorillas, which are hairier? Test yourself and challenge your friends on their Hirsuteness IQ. The tallest hair strand is the friend with the highest IQ.

3. Charitable Gifts

Send warm thoughts to an orphan this winter by giving him a virtual sweater. Or bring a smile to a young child in need with a virtual Christmas tree. Choose from an assortment of virtual Christmas dinners, such as virtual roast turkey, virtual prime rib and virtual chestnuts to fill the hearts of hungry families with holiday cheer. Remember, it's the thought that counts.

2. Hottie Genes

Map out your entire family tree hierarchically, based on who's the hottest! Rate your hotness against your cousins, brothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, grandpops and grandmoms! Who's got the hottest genes in your family?

1. Lookie Me

Validate your existence by reminding your friends to stop and look at your profile picture at least "X" times day. Set "X" to any number you want, from 1-100 times. Leave to mow the lawn, shovel the snow or look at yourself in the mirror and come back to find your presence on Earth justified!