'American Idol' Finalist Jessica Sierra's Police Report Paints Disturbing Picture

Singer allegedly used racial slurs, offered officer sexual favors after arrest for disorderly intoxication.

The police report on the most recent arrest for 2005 "American Idol" finalist Jessica Sierra paints a picture of a young woman who appears to be in freefall. Sierra, 22, was in jail again on Saturday and could face more than 11 years in prison on charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest and violating parole as a result of an arrest early Sunday morning outside a bar in Ybor City, near Tampa, Florida.

According to a copy of the arrest report obtained by TMZ.com, whose contents were confirmed by a Tampa Police Department spokesperson, Sierra was booted from the Full Moon Saloon around 2:15 a.m. Sunday after causing an unspecified disturbance while working inside the establishment. After screaming at security and raising her hands as if asking for a fight with a bouncer, Sierra then reportedly tried to walk back in through another door and was escorted out by a plainclothes police officer, who was on duty at the bar.

While being removed, she allegedly "turned around and tried to push Officer Angelakopoulos away by striking him." After police took Sierra to a property across the street, a friend of the singer's tried to calm her down, but the two ended up getting into a fight and rolling around on the ground. According to the copy of the report on TMZ, Sierra got up and tried to walk away and "randomly shoved numerous patrons who were walking on the sidewalk while yelling profanities and screaming."

Police then tried to arrest Sierra, who again attempted to push the officers and pull away. Once in the backseat of the police cruiser, Sierra, who police said smelled strongly of alcohol and had glassy eyes, vomited in the car and kicked an officer who had opened the back door to allow a paramedic to look her over. Sierra reportedly told the police that she drank four to five shots of vodka on an empty stomach and that was why she was vomiting.

Additionally, one officer reported that Sierra was screaming while in the backseat of the cruiser that her aunt is the mayor and that "I would be out of a job." He also reported that Sierra yelled a string of obscenities at the officers.

"Her behavior was very erratic, being that she would be disorderly and argumentative at one moment and then apologetic the next," Angelakopoulos wrote in his report. "Several times she stated that she was sorry and to please let her go and she would leave with no problems. Upon advising her that I could not do that, she would get angry and yell, 'F--- you.' " Once the officer began transporting Sierra to jail, he said she begged him not to take her because, "this would ruin her life. She then told me that she would do anything for me to let her go. She then made the statement, 'please don't take me to jail,' [and reportedly offered sexual favors] if you don't take me to jail.' " When the officer did not respond, Sierra then allegedly cursed him with a racial slur several times. The report said she also repeatedly cursed a female officer who was attempting to assist with the arrest, threatening to injure her.

According to the report, Sierra vomited again as the cruiser pulled into central booking and continued yelling profanities and racial slurs during her booking, which caused officers to place her in an isolation cell because of her disruptive behavior.

Sierra's attorney, John Fitzgibbons, issued this statement Monday (December 3): "Jessica's most recent problems show once again the wretched curse of drug and alcohol addiction. It is a horrific disease that has literally destroyed the lives of countless talented and well-known athletes, singers and movie stars as well as countless other people who are not in the public spotlight. There are no easy solutions to addiction and the prognosis is often poor for someone in Jessica's position, but we will continue to do our best to get her additional help."

The arrest came less than two weeks after Sierra pleaded no contest to charges of battery and possession of cocaine, stemming from an April arrest. Sierra is being held without bond. She was supposed to be completing a drug-rehabilitation program that was filmed for VH1's upcoming reality show "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew," which was part of her sentence for allegedly hitting a man in the head with a glass at a Tampa nightclub in April.