Britney Spears Shoots 'Piece Of Me' Video, Using Pursued-By-Paparazzi Theme

Video has singer, dancers dodging media by wearing identical wigs and trench coats; singer was reportedly 12 hours late for shoot.

Britney Spears filmed the video for "Piece of Me," the second single from her Blackout album, at the Los Angeles restaurant and nightclub Social Hollywood on Tuesday, according to The video is being directed by Wayne Isham, who also helmed the singer's "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" clip.

Fittingly, the clip, which finds Spears and her dancers wearing identical blond bob wigs and black trench coats, has a paparazzi theme. "The paparazzi are following [Britney], so they're dressed alike to trick them," a source told People. "They all go into a club to get away. One [photographer] sneaks in, but Britney, in the end, discovers him."

(Check out photos from the set of the video here.)

The subject matter certainly reflects events in Spears' life in recent months, as she is trailed by paparazzi nearly everywhere she goes and has had several driving-related incidents involving them. reported that Spears was more than 12 hours late for the shoot, arriving at around 8:35 p.m. The session wrapped at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday (November 28), Spears' label confirmed to MTV News.

People also said that Spears spent time with her sons Preston and Jayden James on Tuesday before heading to the shoot. A custody hearing took place on Monday, which neither Spears nor ex-husband Kevin Federline attended.