Ghostface Killah Doll: The Coolest Piece Of Wu-Tang Clan Merchandise Ever?

Action figure talks, has loads of bling — and carries a ghastly price tag.

He stands just 9 inches tall. He comes draped in a luxurious red-velvet robe. He's got his own blog. And he can be yours for the low, low price of just $499.99 (plus shipping).

He's the Ghostface Doll, by far the costliest piece of Wu Tang Clan-related merchandise we can think of — and perhaps the most expensive action figure ever made (seriously: He's priced at roughly $56 an inch). But before you go reaching for your bulletproof wallet, it's probably important to know just what you're getting.

Well, first off, lil' Ghost comes with appropriate bling, in the form of an eagle wristband and a dinner-plate-size (at least to him) medallion, each made of 14-karat gold. Then there's the Ghostdini robe he's swathed in, and the adjustable Yankees cap atop his dome. Not to mention the fact that, according to the site, he comes "enclosed in a box that has remnants of fine Louis XIII cognac" (which could possibly mean that there's a little bit of booze inside!). And he comes pre-loaded with four Ghost-arrific sayings (recorded by the man himself) including, "Yo b---h, I f---ed your friend, ya stank ho."

(Feast your eyes on the unforgettable Ghostface Doll in all its blinged-out glory.)

And we know it's difficult to put a price tag on all of that ... but seriously, almost 500 dollars?

"You're getting a limited-edition figure, something that's designed to be a collector's item. There are only 1,000 of these in the world," Ameesh Dani, the founder of 4Cast Limited — the California company that manufactures the Ghost dolls — told MTV News. "You're also getting a 14-karat gold chain with a pendant, 14-karat gold eagle arm bracelet with a diamond in it. It's high-end, because I wanted to create something for hip-hop fans who have been into the culture for a while now and don't think twice about spending $500 on a pair of sneakers."

Dani, who describes himself as a lifelong hip-hop fan who's grown tired of the stuff he's hearing on the radio these days, says one of the reasons he made the doll was to "educate young kids about the old school" (that's an expensive lesson). And he's quick to point out that the Ghostface doll comes with a limited-edition mixtape, 36 Deadly Darts, featuring Ghost's greatest hits, and that the rapper was "very involved" with the process, which only adds to the doll's, uh, lifelike qualities.

"I didn't want to just make a character — I wanted to do a replica of Ghost. I wanted to miniaturize his clothing and his jewelry," he said. "So we flew him out here, I had my photographer take pictures of him, and we took a Pantone color booklet to his skin to get the color match right. We paid very close attention to all the details."

And while Dani admits that the Ghostface doll isn't for everyone, he did say that since the site went live a few weeks ago, business has "been going really well." So, just who's buying it? Well, according to a pair of action-figure experts, it could be just about anyone who's got a soft spot for the Wally Champ.

"There are certainly more expensive items on the market. For example, a company called Toynami makes a series of 'Cinemaquettes,' which cost $1,000 each," said Tom Tumbusch, the publisher of Action Figure Digest. "But those are museum quality, with human hair added one strand at a time. They're for a specific kind of collector. As far as music figures go, there are fans that would pay $500 for [the Ghostface doll], because they're obsessive about their idols."

"I can't think of a more expensive action figure, but If people love it, they'll spend the money for it. That holds fast and true. They see it, and they have to buy it," added Josh Lundorff, the owner of "I'm always amazed by the loyalty of fans. That will never change. We stock these Bon Jovi figures, and they fly off the shelves. And about 80 percent of those sales are going to New Jersey."