Bow Wow Says His Face Off With Omarion Will Mean A 'Whole Bunch Of #1 Records'

Duo just filmed video for 'Girlfriend'; joint tour also in the works.

Two things are clear about Bow Wow these days. First off, he's far from being lil' anymore. And second, he's not afraid to talk big either. Both points are made clear on Face Off, the rapper's upcoming collaborative project with Omarion, which is set to be released December 11 on Columbia.

Bow was pretty confident when he spoke to MTV News recently about the album's first two songs, the buzz track "Hood Star" and the upcoming lead single, "Girlfriend."

" 'Hood Star' is really just saying that we here to stay," he explained. "Whatever these other rappers talking about and they ain't living it, we living it. When I tell people I got a Phantom and I got a [Ferrari] F40 in the garage, I'm living it. That's the truth — you can bring the cameras to my crib. I don't rent nothing, I don't rent jewelry. ... It's just really all about living the lifestyle. ... That's what's really poppin'. I'm good with the poppin', everybody knows that. Even with [2005's] 'Fresh Azimiz.' I'm just good with that. But this is way better, it's smashing 'Fresh Azimiz.'

"['Girlfriend' is] probably gonna be one of the biggest records that I've ever done in my career," he added.

Bow and O were recently in Los Angeles to shoot a clip for "Girlfriend," the official first single — Bow said "Designated Driver," which popped up online recently, was just a record they leaked to test the waters. The rapper was tight-lipped regarding the details but said he and his R&B partner would be re-creating a yet-unrevealed classic video for their own montage.

"I want people to be surprised," he said. "We definitely re-creating a very popular hip-hop video. It's definitely gonna be crazy."

Bow Wow is getting ready to step out on tour next month with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, bringing O along on spot dates. But once Face Off drops, he said the two will launch their own tour, presumably at the beginning of the year. The longtime friends have plenty of experience doing shows together; they're both alums of the popular Screamfest/ Scream Tours (Omarion with former group B2K), which they helped launch into a major music-industry fixture. Bow said one of his goals was to channel their Scream energy and their past collabo, "Let Me Hold You," onto the new album.

"It's gonna be crazy — we just giving people a new vibe," he said. "I know it's something that the girls, the kids and everybody has been waiting on for so long. Me and O have been setting up for this basically our whole entire career, from us touring together to us having a #1 record with 'Let Me Hold You.' So we just decided, why not go ahead and give them a whole bunch of #1 records?"