Britney Spears Apparently Drives Over Paparazzo's Foot

Video footage on gossip site shows tire tracks on photographer's sock after incident.

Between driving without a license, shaving her head and flubbing one of the most important performances of her career, Britney Spears' judgment could be said to be somewhat puzzling recently. But at least she seems to know better than to walk into the path of a moving car.

In an incident caught on tape by gossip site Hollywood.TV just hours after the singer's visitation rights with her kids were suspended on Thursday (see "Britney Spears' Visitation Rights Are Suspended"), Spears appears to run over the foot of an unnamed paparazzo while attempting to leave a doctor's office in Beverly Hills, California, in her white Mercedes convertible Thursday at around 5 p.m. Her car is surrounded by photographers, including one who goes down while standing in the path of the luxury car.

The vehicle comes to an abrupt stop and Spears honks her horn, and then the scrum of assembled photographers shout at her to stop repeatedly. As fellow paps continue to shoot, others are heard apparently asking the fallen photographer, "Are you ok?" After Spears has pulled out of the garage, one of the videographers goes over to a paparazzo wearing sandals and asks, "You all right, man? I heard your foot crack, dog."

Spears does not stop or get out of the car at any point and video footage appears to show the man with a tire-track mark on the white athletic sock underneath his sandal.

According to Hollywood.TV, the man's foot was allegedly broken in the incident. A videographer at the scene interviewed another paparazzo with a video camera (who is seen showing his footage to some passersby, who give advice on how to make the image clearer) and asks what he saw. "They told her to go and she went ... right over his foot," the man says.

Another clip of the run-in, on, clearly shows Spears' car on top of the photographer's foot. The singer, with her hand covering her mouth during the entire affair, doesn't appear to acknowledge the mishap as she tries to steer out of the garage.

Hollywood.TV interviewed another photographer who said he was on the scene: "She was pulling out from the parking garage, she was coming down on a ramp slowly. We moved in to get our shots and then I heard a paparazzo yelling in pain ... I looked down and his foot is under the tire. I've seen this happen once before, when Britney wasn't driving and one of her friends ... was driving the car. ... I know how dangerous this can be, because you can get rolled right over — broken leg, broken foot, everything can happen. I mean, I heard his bones crack in his foot. He was wearing sandals."

Asked if he actually observed the car drive over the shooter's foot, the man said, "I physically saw the car drive over his bare, sandaled foot. He had a sock on." The public-information officer for the Beverly Hills Police Department could not be reached for comment at press time to confirm whether a police report had been filed in the incident.

In slightly happier Britney vehicular news, TMZ is reporting that Spears has settled her civil case with the owner of the car she hit in a parking lot last August (see "Britney Spears Booked On Traffic Charges"). That hit-and-run recently resulted in criminal charges for the singer. Law-enforcement sources told the gossip site that had Spears settled the civil case and that the criminal charges might have been dropped. Sources told TMZ that Spears agreed to pay the car's owner $1,000 for damages, plus rental-car expenses.