Where's Cam'ron? Right Here, In This Exclusive Video!

50 Cent wants the rapper out of the game, but Cam's camp delivered a clip to MTV that proves he's still around.

Cam'ron was spotted out in public again. Now, six months ago, that in and of itself wouldn't have been news, but based on the fact that we — "we" as in the media, the fans and even some of his friends — haven't heard from him for so long, it's kind of a big deal. After all, onetime close friend Jim Jones told Mixtape Monday in September that finding Cam is like "finding Nemo."

The last word we heard from Killa was in the spring via YouTube footage in which he threatened 50 Cent, warning it "would be a hot summer." As 50 has continually reminded us, Cam wouldn't be around once the summer was over.

Well, Cam's camp delivered a bit of exclusive footage at MTV's doorstep on Wednesday (October 17), showing the MC out and about somewhere in New Jersey. Another piece of videotape curiously showed Killa dressed in Army fatigues and a soldier's helmet, and walking through a cemetery. Hmmm.

When contacted Wednesday evening, a source close to Killa informed us Cam has just finished his mixtape Public Enemy and that it will be out soon. Cam is also said to address all the turmoil within the Diplomats camp during the street-CD intro. Cam's next album might be coming as early as the top of the year, and it may not be called Killa Season 2, as originally planned. He's been shopping a new record deal as well.