Suicide Silence Make Noise, Cut Off Ears; Plus Danzig & More News That Rules, In Metal File

Deathcore frontman says girl featured in 'Price of Beauty' video 'was a good sport.'

Don't you just love it when bands regurgitate those same tired, lame lines everyone spews in interviews — you know, ones like, "We wouldn't be here without the fans," or "Everything we do, we do with our fans in mind"? Yeah, us too. Those remarks usually come off as disingenuous and halfhearted. But when it comes to Riverside, California, deathcore act Suicide Silence, actions speak louder than words.

Frontman Mitch Lucker recently recalled a good example: a 2006 gig in Miami that went awry. He remembered gnashing his teeth as he watched the venue's security team manhandle the mosh-happy crowd. He tried to ignore it — but then one of the band's female fans took a stagedive. That's when things got ugly.

"One of the security guards punched her right in the face," Lucker explained. "They were being complete a--holes, choking people out, throwing people down. So I told everybody in the audience to f--- that one security guard up."

As the sweat-drenched, huddled masses started pushing forward, toward the front of the stage, Lucker said the club's sentinels began spraying mace — at the band. The singer recalled taking a deep breath just as the tear gas hit him.

"Everybody in this club — which I won't name — got mad and basically, it incited an entire riot," he claimed. "The whole show destroyed the venue, somebody stole the PA, a full-on SWAT team was called in, there were news helicopters flying overhead — it was horrible. I guess I kind of instigated it ... it was probably one of the craziest things I've seen — there was much violence in such a short amount of time."

Luckily, Lucker and the rest of Suicide Silence escaped arrest- and bruise-free, albeit covered in lachrymator. But it was a night the band will never forget and hopes to avoid repeating on its current tour with Despised Icon, Winds of Plague and See You Next Tuesday. The trek concludes Wednesday in Worcester, Massachusetts.

After the run, Suicide Silence will hit the road with Unearth, Darkest Hour and August Burns Red from Thursday in Towson, Maryland, through October 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A headlining tour with Walls of Jericho, A Life Once Lost and the Agony Scene will follow, but no dates have been booked yet.

According to Lucker, Suicide Silence would like nothing more than a slot on next summer's Sounds of the Underground Tour or Ozzfest. He said that all comes down to the reception the band's Century Media debut, The Cleansing, receives. The disc, produced by John Travis, landed in stores on Tuesday.

"We didn't want our record to sound like everybody else's," Lucker explained. "We worked with John, who'd done stuff with the Wu-Tang Clan and Static-X, because he'd never really done a record with a metal band before. That's what we wanted. We wanted a different feel, a different sound, a different mood to it. But we still wanted to keep it savage and violent — that's the way it should be."

The entire record was tracked live, Lucker said, to capture the raw energy the band expends during its live shows. In addition, Suicide Silence wanted to integrate all the various styles of metal they appreciate into one compact package.

"What we tried to do on this record was to incorporate tons of different styles of metal — death, speed, metalcore — into our songs, because most death-metal bands get labeled 'death metal,' and that's all they ever are," he said. "They're confined to just one genre. But we wanted to separate ourselves from that and give each song a different sound, so you can listen to the whole record and not get tired of it. Kids who listen to all genres of metal will find something to like on this record, because we tried to be as open as possible on it."

While Lucker claims the band pre-sold more than 2,200 copies of The Cleansing through its MySpace page and hopes to attract a lot more fans this year through nonstop touring and, hopefully, that summer-festival slot. And the video the guys recently shot with director Matt Bass (the Esoteric, the Black Dahlia Murder) for "The Price of Beauty" won't hurt.

"It's pretty violent," he said. "Matt wrote the treatment to the song, and it fits so well — the video came out grotesque and intense, just like the song. It's perfect."

The clip features the band performing frantically in a dark warehouse, interspersed with footage of a pretty young girl inside a sadistic doctor's office. "We wanted a girl that looked really innocent, like, 'I want to get fake boobies and a fake nose' — the total little generic Orange County chick," Lucker said. "And she was perfect for it. She let us cut her ears off — she was a good sport."

The rest of the week's metal news:

Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid have all contributed to the upcoming album by Queen V. The disc, Death or Glory, is scheduled for release in November. Lemmy appears on "Wasted," Morello on "My Machine" and Reid on "One & Only." ... Danzig will launch a brief tour on October 23 in Baltimore, with dates running through November 2 in San Francisco. Gorgeous Frankenstein, which features Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, will open all shows. ...

Means to an End have a valid excuse for making industrial-strength biker metal: Frontman Tony "Grinder" Dwyer was formerly a professional BMX rider and is currently a professional NASCAR driver. The band's debut, ... Reaction, is available on iTunes now and will get a proper release in February. Tracks include "This Fist for Free," "When It's Gone" and "Faith Is Taking Over." ... Following the departures of singer Chuck Bouley and bassist Rob Deangelis, Eastern Massachusetts hardcore-metal band Since the Flood have cemented their lineup with singer Nate Siemens and bassist Ricky Nukem (ex-Guns Up!). The group is currently on a U.S. tour that runs through September 30 in Dover, New Hampshire. ...

To contribute to the backwoods vibe of the upcoming horror film "The Stitcher," director Darla Enlow ("Toe Tags," "Branded") decided to recruit small-town metal bands for the soundtrack. The producers got the help of various rural radio stations to promote a contest for the flick, and they soon received a pitchfork full of demos. In the end, they asked 10 bands to contribute, including Calling Matthew, Darkset Theory and Doomsday Junky. "The Stitcher" will be released October 16 by VCI Entertainment. ... Relapse will host a free screening of the thrash-metal documentary "Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal" on Tuesday in Philadelphia at the Rotunda. The screening will be followed by a set from modern thrash band Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. "Get Thrashed" was written and directed by Rick Ernst and features interviews with many of the key players from the '80s and '90s. The associate producer of the film is ex-Overkill drummer Rat Skates. ...

The second album by experimental Canadian band Protest the Hero, Fortress, has been bumped to early 2008. The album was originally slated for release November 13. ... The release of the new CD by rapper Ill Bill (brother of Necro), The Hour of Reprisal, has also been delayed, until early 2008. The disc will feature guest appearances by Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera, Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, and Bad Brains singer H.R. and bassist Darryl Jenifer. A good chunk of rappers — Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon, Tech N9ne, Necro, DJ Premier, Muggs and B-Real. Ill Bill launches a tour with Twiztid on Tuesday in Cleveland, and dates run through November 10 in Columbus, Ohio. ...

Burial Chamber Trio, an all-star group featuring Mayhem singer Attila Csihar, Sunn 0))) guitarist Greg Anderson and electronic guitarist and percussionist Oren Ambarchi, have scheduled a single North American show for October 21 in Seattle. Lesbian will open. ... Technical melodic death-metal band Arsis are in the studio working on their first album for Nuclear Blast. The disc, tentatively titled We Are the Nightmare, will be the follow-up to the Virginia Beach, Virginia, band's 2006 album, United in Regret. ... The Number 12 Looks Like You will launch a tour with Drop Dead Gorgeous starting October 30 in Iowa City, Iowa. Dates run through December 1 in Orangeville, California.