Have A Question About The Immigration Debate? Here's Your Chance To Ask It!

'Beyond Borders: An MTV Tr3s Immigration Forum' airs Saturday, September 29, on MTV Tr3s — and we want to hear from you.

The debate over illegal immigration continues and promises to be a hot topic in the 2008 elections. On Saturday, September 29, MTV Tr3s will take a look at the issue in "Beyond Borders: An MTV Tr3s Immigration Forum." Young people will come together with panelists from the worlds of politics, academia, media and pop culture to go beyond the pros and cons of the immigration debate to discuss how immigration affects education, employment and family life.

They're here to answer your questions, so make your voice heard — send us your questions, comments and thoughts to here@mtv.com. And then be sure to tune in to "Beyond Borders: An MTV Tr3s Immigration Forum" on Saturday, September 29, at 6 p.m. ET on MTV Tr3s.