T-Pain Tracks Down Jennifer Hudson At VMAs To Record 'Old-School' Duet

'It's basically about 'What's wrong with us?' ' Pain says of yet-untitled song.

LAS VEGAS — T-Pain is a busy dude. When he's not buying u a drank or Vocoding his way through odes to bartenders, he's popping up in the video for Kanye West's new single "Good Life" and collaborating with everyone from Lil Wayne to Britney Spears (see " T-Pain Talks About Recording With Britney Spears: 'She Was About Her Business' ").

So naturally, when he came to Vegas for the MTV Video Music Awards, he wasn't about to waste his downtime shooting craps or lounging by the pool. Rather, he decided to book some time at Digital Insight Recording, a tiny studio way off the beaten path (seriously, it's in a strip mall) to finally lay down a track with Oscar-winning "Dreamgirls" actress Jennifer Hudson (see "Marty's Party: Scorsese, 'Departed' (And Effie Too) Get Oscar Gold").

"We've been trying to book this session for a long time, but stuff would come up every time. Like, I'd have to do something on the day we booked it, or she'd have to do something the next time we tried," T laughed. "Stuff just pops up with artists, because we really don't have a life. We were both here in Vegas for the VMAs or something — I'm pretty sure she's winning something somewhere — so we were finally able to make this work."

Though he wouldn't spill many details about the track, T did let it be known that it was different than anything else he's ever worked on, because unlike his previous collaborations/productions, this song is an actual duet.

"This is going to be my first duet, ever. So it's real interesting for me. It's gonna be her featuring me, a real back-and-forth, old-school male/female duet. It's gonna be real nice," he said. "[The song is] untitled now, but it's basically about 'What's wrong with us? It's both of our faults that we don't like each other no more. The sex is getting boring.' You know, the usual stuff."

That "usual stuff" includes Hudson belting out lover's laments like, "Is it you?/ Is it me?/ Is it us?/ Is it we?" and "What's wrong with my baby?/ What's wrong with me?/ What's wrong with us?/ What's wrong with we?" over a trademark breezy, wheezy T-Pain beat. Very little else is known about the track, and Pain wouldn't confirm that it would appear on Hudson's upcoming debut album, which also features collaborations with Vegas' own Ne-Yo (see " Ne-Yo Getting To Know Jennifer Hudson While He Waits For Britney ").

Hudson's label, Arista, did not respond to MTV News' requests for comment by press time.