50 Cent's Poolside Pre-VMA Concert Cut Short After Fans Nearly Sink Stage

Saturday night event with Ludacris and Tony Yayo got out of hand after money was thrown into crowd.

LAS VEGAS — 50 Cent has been chilling with Paris Hilton and flashing wads of cash all weekend, but he wasn't playing around on Saturday evening when he performed a poolside concert at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Curtis Jackson came out blasting his most popular song at the moment, "I Get Money."

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"I get money, I get money," the crowd of a few hundred fans screamed as 50 and Tony Yayo came out rapping.

50's stage was built over one of the pools at the Hard Rock, and some fans actually stood in the water in front of the stage, cheering 50. Meanwhile, other fans lined up around the pool and other surrounding areas watching the G-Unit spectacle.

Before "I Get Money" ended, Ludacris — who celebrated his 30th birthday Friday night — came out. Later, Akon came out and joined 50 on "I'll Still Kill," another cut from Tuesday's Curtis LP (see "MTV VMA Race Is On: Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Lead Nominations").

From there, the mic assault was more straight-forward, but kept the crowd moving nonetheless as the rappers plowed through "Follow My Lead" and "Amusement Park." "Disco Inferno" and "Candy Shop" served as a one-two combo, while "P.I.M.P." transitioned into Tony Yayo's "Pimpin," which gave way to 50's "Magic Stick."

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather then made a surprise entrance as the "Outta Control" remix blared. The athlete sported what looked to be a designer-brand leather satchel over his shoulder.

When "Window Shopper" came on, the boxer started throwing money into the crowd. Ones, fives, 20s and even 100 dollar bills were floating in the air as "Money Mayweather" made it rain. Some bills landed in the water, which caused quite a stir with the fans closest to the stage. A couple of fans dived into water, creating a splash.

"We throwing hundreds," Yayo bragged.

"Get in the pool," 50 added, encouraging more people.

The craziness didn't let up. During "So Seductive," a lady started tugging at one of the light towers that was helping illuminate the stage. But that was enough fun for 50.

"If you pull the lights down," 50 warned the woman, "you'll electrocute yourself."

"Water and electricity don't mix," Yayo chimed in.

During "In Da Club," it started to become clear that the audience's participation was getting to be a little too much. Whereas you usually hear about an artist bringing the house down, the fans were bringing the stage down. It was slowly sinking in the pool.

"This sh-- looks like the stage 'bout to be in the water," Yayo said.

He and 50 urged the people to back up, after which the two — obviously concerned for the fans' safety — told everybody to get out of the pool or the show would not go on. Nobody wanted to leave, so 50 did. He and Yayo exited.

A couple of hours later, 50 had obviously shrugged off his less-than-ideal concert ending. He hosted a Curtis album-release party at the Hard Rock's club Body English. Diddy, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Mayweather all came out to help the imposing multiplatinum superstar celebrate.

Meanwhile, Kanye West had his own party at the Hard Rock (see "Kanye West Tells Crowd At Pre-VMA Concert That He Should Open Big Show, Not Brit"). He was the star attraction at the Joint, where he held his own concert. Anderson came out, as did Nelly and Ashanti, Jermaine Dupri, NBA star Larry Hughes, Lil Mama and Britney Spears. Jamie Foxx and T-Pain joined Kanye onstage.

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