Britney Spears' 'Cousin' Alli Says Singer Is 'So Excited' For Big Show

Britney's performance 'is going to be amazing,' Alli Sims says.

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Can't wait for Brit's comeback performance in a few hours? Neither can Spears herself.

"She's excited! You know her, she's been doing this since she was little. It's going to be great. I can't wait to see it!" her cousin (and club companion) Alli Sims told Us Saturday at the Style Villa at Caesars Palace.

What can we expect? "It's a huge surprise," Sims said. "I can't say anything, but it's going to be amazing, and everyone's going to be so excited to see it. She's been working really hard."

Sims, 26 — who is hoping to launch a pop music career — talked to Us about their time in Vegas and Spears' relationship with illusionist (and VMA collaborator) Criss Angel.

So Britney's been hanging out with Criss Angel a lot recently together....

They're just working, just working.

Are they friends too?

Yeah! He's awesome, a great magician.

Anything more?


What have you two been doing in Vegas?

Girls weekend! Laying out... Seriously laid back. We're good girls. We've just been hanging out in the room, and we have a little pool and stuff.

Are her kids here?

No, they're with Kevin.

Care to clear up the rumor that you and Britney aren't really cousins?

Yeah! We are cousins through marriage, and it's the south! My grandmother's sister is married to her grandfather. So my mom and her dad are first cousins through marriage. I grew up in Baton Rouge and moved there when I was 16. We hung out when we were really little, but I moved away and didn't hang out with her again until high school.

Has Britney given you any advice on your music career?

She's very, very supportive. Whatever question comes up, I can go to her, and I know she's there. It's nice to have somebody that close to you who knows exactly what's going on and is so experienced.

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