Timbaland Psyched For VMA Maestro Gig: 'Your TV Speakers Might Blow'

'No award show will be able to beat this award show,' super-producer says.

LAS VEGAS — Timbaland isn't just giving this year's VMAs his stamp of approval — he's also lending his musical ingenuity to the big event. Timbo the King is serving as the Sunday awards-show maestro and will be in charge of most of the music.

"I'm overseeing the music — the intros, outros, middle breaks," Tim — donning a waaay old-school white wig — explained Thursday (September 6) at the Palms Casino Resort. He was holed up in the Studio at the Palms, the resort's very own recording studio, where he — and other artists, like Lil Jon — have worked recently. "I did all the music [for the VMAs], so it could sound like a Timbaland production," Timbo said.

He admits he is wholeheartedly biased because he is involved in the show this year, but the legendary producer guarantees that the Video Music Awards will be the awards ceremony of the year (see "Nicole Scherzinger To Rock VMA Preshow — With Lil Wayne!").

"No award show will be able to beat this award show. I'm involved with it? I'm doing it? No other show this year will be able to see it," he boasted. "People are gonna be sick. The other shows are going to be coming up to me like, 'Timbaland, can you? ... No, I cannot. I will not.' "

Tim said he was a little worried about what he signed on for — there's just so much going on Sunday night — but he added that, as the big show is coming down to the wire, everything's coming together nicely.

"The ideas they have for it, you only can pull off in Vegas. Lot of camera tricks, lot of cameramen. The way it knocks, TV speakers might blow."

He played the MTV News crew a track he made specifically for the beginning of Chris Brown's set (see "MTV VMA Race Is On: Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Lead Nominations"). It sounded like Middle Eastern swing meets a historically black college's marching band in a European nightclub ... mixed with some sound effects from a ColecoVision video game for good measure.

Speaking of surprises, Timbaland wasn't aware of Thursday's big news: that Britney Spears will open the extravaganza with a performance of her new single, "Gimme More" (see "Britney Spears To Open 2007 MTV Video Music Awards: It's Official!").

"We'll see," he said about how he thinks Britney will do. "Maybe she's got a point to prove."

In addition to the banging beats, Tim explained he will be doing some hosting as well.

"I'mma call people out that need to be called out," he said with a devilish grin. "Then I'll be like, 'Enjoy yourself, relax. Don't call me.' "

That grin stayed wide when he talked about his own nomination this year, for Monster Single of the Year ("The Way I Are"). He also suggested a new category that would nicely suit his Shock Value LP, which came out earlier this year: "I want 'Most Innovative Album for 2007,' " he said.

But while he's in town for the VMAs, Timbo actually started his partying last week, hitting club Jet with Justin Timberlake.

"If any clubs are like that [during VMA weekend], it should be crazy."

(Watch Timbaland talk more about the VMAs, including what surprises he might have in store for his musical production.)

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