Vegas, George Clooney-Style: Inside The Palms' Fantasy Suites

Want a stripper pole in your shower? The VMAs' Vegas home is also the lap of luxury all year long.

In Las Vegas, nothing is simple.

It's an ostentatious metropolis of intemperance — excess is the name of the game. It's a city where flash is just as important as cash, and where celebrity-laden parties run well into the next afternoon. In Vegas, there are millions of ways to drop huge piles of green, and if you have enough, you can pretty much get whatever you want, whenever you want.

Take the Palms Casino Resort, for instance. If you've got $25,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can spend one night in the hotel's ultra-luxurious Hardwood Suite — which is where Justin Timberlake and Timbaland will be performing on the night of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

(See snaps of the suites at the Palms Casino Resort right here.)

Located in the hotel's Fantasy Tower, the Hardwood Suite is the brainchild of Palms owner George Maloof, who, before opening the hotel, had aspirations of playing in the NBA. It's a 10,000-square-foot, two-level party mecca, complete with a basketball half-court and scoreboard, a locker room and three plus-size Murphy beds that fold out onto the court. The suite also features a pool table, in-suite poker tables, a dance floor, a full bar, lounge, two master bedrooms, an extra-large Jacuzzi, a superior sound system and a rotating, remote-controlled love seat.

"When I came up with the concept and talked to the designers, they came back with more of a memorabilia design," said Maloof, who also owns the Sacramento Kings. "Think the Hard Rock Cafe — jerseys, pictures of players and so on. I didn't want that. We went back and said, 'Let's make it look like you'd never know a basketball court was in the suite, and make it very sexy and different."

And the amenities don't end at plain-old pickup games. For a little extra coin, occupants can hire their own squad of cheerleaders and get their own custom-made jerseys. "They can pick their favorite team, and we'll personalize their jerseys and put them in the locker room area of the room," Maloof explained. "And the court doubles as a room, because of these three Murphy beds, which are actually NBA-sized beds — about a foot-and-a-half longer than a regular California king — that come out of the wall."

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Shaquille O'Neal have spent nights in the Hardwood Suite, which also boasts a wall where guests can sign their names and leave special messages, such as George Clooney's: "Guys, if you can't get [lucky] in this suite, there's no hope for you."

"I think that saying pretty much applies throughout the Palms," Maloof joked.

Then there's the Kingpin Suite, a favorite room of Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee, Lance Bass, Derek Jeter, Travis Barker and Alyssa Milano. At $15,000 a night, the bowling-themed suite is less expensive than the Hardwood. It features two regulation-size bowling lanes, complete with ball return and an automatic scoring system. The 4,240-square-foot retro-style suite houses two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full bar, a pool table and a theater-size projection TV.

Over in the hip-hop-themed, $4,000-a-night Crib Suite, Maloof has created the ultimate environment for a posse: more than 1,460 square feet of space, featuring a DJ booth, a video-game lounge, a dressing room with a saltwater aquarium, a fully-stocked bar, a pool table, walls covered in hip-hop memorabilia, and a "graffiti ceiling," on which guests can scribble their own tags. The suite also boasts a "Show Shower" with a stripper pole. All of the action in the shower is visible from the bar, thanks to a pane of plasma glass that can frost over at the touch of a button. And to give you more bounce for your buck, the suite features, according to Maloof, the world's only hydraulic bed.

The $3,000-a-night Hot Pink Suite is where the Foo Fighters will be delivering their VMA performance this weekend. Swathed in hot pink décor with silver accents and fur trim, the suite is popular for bachelorette parties. There's even a fireplace, a Hollywood-style vanity, a Show Shower at the room's back bar and a Jacuzzi big enough for 10. The Palms' Erotic Suite is very similar, though it's decorated in deep reds and leather and includes a round rotating bed, a mirrored ceiling and a shadow-dancer projection wall.

The hotel's Celebrity Suite, where Fall Out Boy will be rocking out this weekend, will set you back $3,000 a night. Featuring a walk-in closet, stripper poles in the shower, a full bar and a living-room area, the 1,500 square-foot, soundproofed suite is the perfect celeb getaway. "We were trying to go for a Hollywood feel with this suite," Maloof said. "There's a special elevator, for celebrities that want to stay in that suite because they want to be alone. We provide butler service for them — anything unique that they need. But, true to the celebrity spirit and ego, most of them want you to let everyone know that they're there."

Of all of the Palms' extravagant suites, none holds a candle to the upscale Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, which will play host to Kanye West's VMA performance (Check out how Kanye West has transformed the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa into a psychedelic wonderland.

"It was designed by Mr. Hefner, and it's his mansion away from the [Playboy] Mansion," Maloof said, adding that the $40,000-a-night suite is also popular with Britney Spears. In accordance with Hef's vision, the 10,000 square-foot suite is decorated with the Playboy logo and images of past covers of the magazine and features an indoor pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a media room, dining room, full bar, fully equipped gym with a sauna, a personal glass elevator, a replica of Hef's 8-foot rotating bed, a spa treatment room, an extra-large show tub and an outdoor area for sunbathing with, of course, a bar.

But the most unique feature of the Villa has to be its cantilevered Jacuzzi pool.

"The pool hangs over the edge of the tower, with these glass walls that hold the water in, so it's kind of the ultimate infinity pool," Maloof boasted. And here's where the Palms' location a mile back from the Vegas Strip is an advantage: "Everything is in front of you. You'll have the most spectacular views in all of Vegas. At night, these pools become a haven for ... well, lots of things."

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