Kelly Rowland Talks Snoop-Enhanced 'Ghetto' — And Destiny's Child Reunion?

'There's an element of freedom [in being on your own], but of course, you miss your ladies,' she says.

NEW YORK — Kelly Rowland may have classed it up alongside Eve in the clip for "Like This," the lead single from her sophomore album, Ms. Kelly, but in her next video, for the Snoop Dogg-assisted "Ghetto," let's just say that Rowland is taking a decidedly less-proper approach.

"Oh my gosh, it's a really great feeling," Rowland told MTV News last week on the set of her ESPN college football promo collabo with Perry Farrell and 50 Cent (see "50 Cent, Kelly Rowland And — Huh? — Perry Farrell Team Up For ESPN Theme"). "I'm working with Andrew Gura on this video. It's very, I'd say ... gosh, I'm trying to get the right word out because I don't want to sound crazy. ... It's ghetto. It's really fly. I feel like everybody has some sort of element of ghetto in them. Think about it. Right? Wouldn't you say so? And everyone knows what the ghetto is."

Rowland just shot the video for "Ghetto" last Thursday in Los Angeles, but according to her, the song was actually written quite some time ago by crooner Tank and upstart Lonny Bereal. The former Destiny's Child singer cut the track a year ago. She said when it was time for Snoop to lay down his rhymes, the rapper came into the studio without skipping a beat (see "Kelly Rowland Scraps Sappy Story, Picks Up Snoop").

"He [just] put his Snoop-a-fied player-isms on the track," Rowland said. "It's hot."

Although Rowland has recorded two proper solo albums, she said she still finds herself adjusting to post-DC life. One of the benefits of each lady doing her own thing, Rowland said, is that the knowledge each member has gained could improve a reunion — should one ever happen.

"There's an element of freedom [in being on your own], but at the same time, of course, you miss your ladies," Rowland explained. "But there's always time for growth. And I feel like growth must take place, and that's definitely what's happened amongst all three of us: Michelle, with her doing Broadway; and Beyoncé doing the tour; and me going out and doing the record and performing at different places. So I feel that it's really great. All of us are basically doing everything on our own, so if we do decide to come back together as Destiny's Child, it just makes it even stronger."

But don't expect a reunion just yet.

"I said 'if,' " she joked. "If."