Fall Out Boy Guitarist Has Only Kind Words For Liars After Accidentally 'Sharing' Demos

'It was really cool hearing some positive feedback about something that I never planned on showing anyone,' he says.

It might not be humanly possible to think of two bands with less in common than Fall Out Boy and dance-punks-turned-art-freaks Liars. And yet, thanks to a hotel in Belgium, a band from Australia and some serious late-night iTunes snooping, the latter nearly spilled the beans on a huge secret involving the former.

Or did they?

Confused? Well, let's begin with Liars, former champions of Brooklyn, New York's dance-punk scene (see "Liars And Yeah Yeah Yeahs — The Next Strokes And Stripes?") who hightailed it to Berlin in 2004 to make atmospheric, spooky records about drums and something called "Mt. Heart Attack." Earlier this month, they were in Belgium to play the Pukkelpop festival and ran into some of the guys from Architecture in Helsinki, who, despite their name, are actually from Australia. The two groups got to talking — and drinking — and AIH told Liars they had spent the previous night in a local hotel using their MacBook to browse through the iTunes of some of the hotel's other guests ... some of whom just happened to be members of other bands in town to play the fest.

And, well, we'll let Liars' MySpace blog take it from here:

"Those guys were in a hotel where all the occupants' iTunes were connected. ... They logged on and found heaps of guitar-riff recordings that were apparently awesome. So they search to find whose computer it's coming from, and lo and behold, it's the solo recordings of FOB's lead guitarist (insert name here) ... who knew!?"

FOB's lead guitarist is, of course, Joe Trohman. And without ever knowing it, Liars suddenly made news about his private recordings very, very public. But just what were the mystery riffs? Potential seedlings for a Trohman solo record? Leftovers from the "Riff of the Month" thingy he was posting on FriendsOrEnemies.com? Brand-new Fall Out Boy songs?

Well, yes.

"You know, it's hard to say what exactly the ... Helsinki guys were checking out," Trohman told MTV News in an e-mail. "Everything I have recorded has either been some riffs floating around in my head that I just had to record (which have no purpose within FOB or anything at all so far) or are for Fall Out Boy, just mainly demos. I definitely love metal and from time to time come up with ideas for some heavy songs. Metal and heavy music in general is what I grew up on as you know, so I can't escape the ideas I have for those songs. Are they for a side project? No side projects here. My focus is all on Fall Out Boy, and it would be safe to say that some of the heavy stuff that was heard is for Fall Out Boy, or being proposed for some new song ideas."

So you can step back from the ledge, FOB fans: There will be no Trohman side project anytime soon. Like he said, his current focus is Fall Out Boy. But that doesn't mean that somewhere down the road, he wouldn't, you know, avert that focus to something else. Especially something involving rocking doctors ...

"You know, I have a million ideas for cool side projects all the time and I always come up with weird names for them too. But those are generally so fleeting. The reason they don't come to fruition is my own fault, I'm just too obsessed with FOB," he wrote. "My dad did have an amazing singing troupe in medical school though called 'Dr. T and the M.D.'s.' I would love to reignite that for fun — my dad was even talking about taking singing lessons."

In all seriousness, Trohman said he's just committed to finishing up Fall Out Boy's seemingly endless tour schedule (one that just got more endless thanks to the recent announcement of their Young Wild Things jaunt, which kicks off in mid-October and runs until the beginning of December; see "Fall Out Boy: Monsters Of Rock? Band's Tour To Have 'Where The Wild Things Are' Theme"). And though he claims he's not weirded out by Architecture in Helsinki's alleged spying, he is taking precautions to make sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again.

"At first ... I freaked out, had a terrible pit in my stomach, so to speak. I have an extreme lack of confidence in myself, and am very private about my little things I recorded for self-satisfaction. With that being said, I'm also bad with computers. I had no clue my iTunes was on 'Share Mode,' " he wrote. "But upon reading Liars' blog, it was really cool hearing some positive feedback about something that I never planned on showing anyone. Definitely really flattering. I back that band, and AIH, so it's cool to hear that stuff from bands I like. Either way, I went into my preferences and turned the sharing off. I'm shaking thinking about it right now."

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