'The Flash' Isn't Happening? Not So Fast, Ryan Reynolds Says ...

'There are rumblings,' he says of potential flick about fleet-footed superhero.

Flash back to 2005, when Ryan Reynolds was in talks to play DC Comics superhero the Flash. That prospect seemed to have vanished by early this year, when the actor — after confirming on "TRL" that he would indeed be playing the fleet-footed superhero — subsequently said the movie "isn't something that I can imagine happening."

Now flash forward to the present: Reynolds revealed to MTV News on Monday (August 20) that a flick about the world's fastest man is still being discussed.

"No, the Flash isn't dead at all. There's talk of it being a [Justice League of America] movie," he grinned. "And then there's other talk of doing a Flash movie with ['Night at the Museum' director] Shawn Levy."

For months, questions about the red-suited superhero have been met with a shrug of the shoulders from Reynolds, who insisted it was no longer a go. But now Reynolds has coyly let loose that he is indeed still in talks. "There are rumblings," he said.

(Watch Ryan Reynolds talk about the "rumblings" surrounding a potential "Flash" flick.)

"I don't really know how much I'm allowed to talk about that stuff," he declared. "[But] it's no secret that they have a JLA script and it's a project that's in development."

In fact, the only thing faster than the Flash is how quickly Reynolds would jump at the chance to play the character.

"I'd love to do it, it's just making it feasible," he contended. "It's a lot of money and it's a very difficult character to represent. You can't just have [the Flash] be a blur running by. These days people need to see more than that."

Granted superhuman speed, the Flash was a masked identity assumed by four different fictional characters in the comic canon, the most famous and longest-running of whom were Barry Allen and Wally West. Of the two, Reynolds seems most a match for the sarcastic West, but the 30-year-old actor says that his ideal "Flash" movie would have both.

"I'd like to see both Barry Allen and Wally [in a film]," Reynolds said. "I think they're really interesting characters, both cut from the same cloth."

But it was a possible JLA movie that had the actor most excited. According to Reynolds, the Justice League could be the perfect introduction to the character.

"I'd love to see a full-on Justice League movie done, the scope of which is just enormous," he asserted, clearly delighted with the thought of fighting crime alongside possible co-stars Christian Bale (Batman) and Brandon Routh (Superman). "I think it's something they can pull off."

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