Jeremy Piven Talks New Will Ferrell Flick, Possible 'Entourage' Movie

Emmy Award-winning actor serves up 'exclusive' news on new Ferrell flick, 'Don Ready.'

LOS ANGELES — After nearly two decades of being "that guy" in so many of our favorite movies, there are few stars whose belated success is more deserved than Emmy winner Jeremy Piven. And when we caught up with the fast-mouthed funnyman on the set of his buddy Common's next music video, he had two very big projects to tell us about.

"I'm gonna start a movie that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are producing called 'Don Ready,' " he said of his next flick, which will reunite Piven with his "Old School" co-star and the director of "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights."

"That's an exclusive," Piven added with a grin. "No one knows about that."

Indeed, the movie is so secretive that nothing is known except that it's a comedy, and Piven plans to shoot it before next spring's impending film production strike. Since McKay and Ferrell are attached, it can be assumed that "Don Ready" will be a similarly surreal flick, and that Ferrell will step in front of the cameras for at least a cameo. "We're going to start that soon," Piven said. "I hope you're ready for 'Don Ready.' "

When asked to elaborate on his role, the "Smokin' Aces" star insisted he'd already said more than he should. "I can't tell you too much — I probably wasn't supposed to tell you that," he said, looking around as if he expected to see Ferrell on a rooftop with a sniper's rifle. "Now they'll probably take me and beat me — and I will take my lumps."

Then again, Piven's "Aces" co-star Common would certainly make an imposing bodyguard for the star. After spending so much time together on the movie, the rapper asked his fellow Chicago native to cameo in the clip for "Drivin' Me Wild," which they shot together in downtown L.A. on earlier this month.

Piven is a busy man these days with a Jamie Foxx Iraq war drama about to come out (" 'The Kingdom' will be out in September," he said — check out the trailer right here), and the recently wrapped "RocknRolla" ("Guy Ritchie is back and better than before") on its heels. Beyond that, Piven is continuing to explore the world of super-agent Ari Gold in HBO's "Entourage," and says that the show's success has spawned recent talk of — wait for it, drama fans — a feature film.

"With 'Entourage,' we have the last three episodes coming up, and we're gonna end with such a bang," Piven said. "We were over shooting in Cannes and we'd do guerilla-style; we'd just take a camera and run. And because they're used to so many cameras in Cannes, they wouldn't think anything of it. So we'd get shots with hundreds of Parisian people walking past the frame — it'll look big and lush. I'm really proud of this season."

"Ultimately, it would be fun to make a movie," Piven added, addressing the rumors by saying he'd be happy to follow the "Sex and the City" gals' lead of taking things to the next level. "That would be fun — 'Entourage: The Movie' would be really fun."

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