50 Cent, Kelly Rowland And — Huh? — Perry Farrell Team Up For ESPN Theme

Unlikely trio rework Satellite Party song for NCAA football game-night theme.

First Hank Williams Jr. asked NFL fans if they were ready for some football.

Then the Black Eyed Peas told basketball fans to get it started for the NBA playoffs.

Now 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and Perry Farrell and his group, Satellite Party, are adding to the list of music/sports-world promos.

The trio recently remixed Satellite Party's "Only Love, Let's Celebrate" for the upcoming 2007 college football season on ESPN.

"[ESPN] had the idea to bring in someone who can rap and a female who can sing, and then put it together [as a remix]," Farrell told MTV News on Thursday. "Coming from the world of rock and roll — and as a DJ — I felt that a lot of rock and roll was being ignored by DJs," he said. "I wanted to bring rock and roll songs into the nightclubs because DJs are always looking for new material, and hip-hop has predominately been what club music has been about over the last 10 years. So when I heard that ESPN was interested in that and they also wanted to get a rapper, they made a wise choice. Their ears were tuning in to the things that I was hoping for. And when they told me they were thinking about 50 on it? Wow, that could be amazing."

Farrell and 50 recorded their vocals together earlier this month in New York. Farrell said he didn't have to do too much work since the track was already his own composition, but he did rearrange and add lyrics with the help of his band. They did a quick jam session and looped the music in a five-minute interval to catch a vibe, and according to Farrell, that's when 50 caught on and started writing his lyrics to the track.

"He started writing once we were down there to kind of feel things out," Farrell explained. "I had my band jamming. And from there, his producer was sitting there and they were taking all that in, my free flows, and they were listening and kind of taking notes. So he was kind of responding to my stuff at first, but then kind of coming up with his stuff. I think we had the same plan; he didn't want to say anything that didn't suit us and had as much to do with our character as anything else.

"It's pertinent to football, but it could very much be its own thing," he continued about the track. "The music really suits crossover. I think that it's really good and I'm happy I got to do it and partner in it with 50 and Kelly, and I just look forward to rocking people on Saturday nights for the whole football season."

(For a report on Farrell and Satellite Party's appearances at Lollapalooza, see "Against Me! Deliver A Smashing Set, Daft Punk Land The Saucer: Lollapalooza, Day One.")

50 Cent, Farrell and Rowland are scheduled to shoot a clip for the track in New York, to be used as part of the opening to ESPN's NCAA game-night coverage.

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