50 Cent And Swizz Beatz Overcame Camp Beefs — And Made 'Fire'

Producer-turned-mediator Swizzy says he also smoothed relations between Cassidy and 50: 'Men handle their problems and move on.'

Swizz Beatz is on the road promoting his August 21 release, One Man Band Man, but he recently took a break to knock out a few songs with 50 Cent. Fif has been retooling his Curtis LP as of late, and Swizz boasts that Fif is in a great place.

"Fire!" the producer said last week, emphasizing that the track is red-hot. "N---as is in trouble!"

Fans may be surprised that 50 and Swizz have become cool, especially since their two camps haven't seen eye to eye for a couple of years now. 50 and Cassidy had some words for each other through the press, and who could forget the faux-50 exotic dancer in Cass' "B-Boy Stance" video? This boiled into Tony Yayo reportedly having a heated verbal confrontation with Swizz on the set of Busta Rhymes' "Touch It" remix video. Recently, Cassidy did a freestyle over 50's "I Get Money" beat and basically said 50 was biting off him. With all the rancor going on, Swizz says going in the studio with 50 and Yayo wasn't the most ideal situation initially.

"First, it was a little tension," Swizz said. "It was the first time I seen Yayo [since 'Touch It']. I didn't know what to expect. I went in there with two people with me. ... But it ended up being a positive vibe. The first beat I put on, immediately it was a smasher. We wound up doing, like, five joints."

Swizz said hot music prevailed over egos. "[50 is] shouting my name in the song in the verse," the Monster described. "It feels genuine. I really think 50 is a cool n---a. Everybody's got their problems, I even had my problems. But as men, men handle their problems and move on. People don't know how to handle their problems, so they have senseless beef. Or even beef that's not senseless, but they don't know how to handle it."

Even Tony Yayo was acting friendly. "Within five minutes of me walking in the door, [Yayo] came up and apologized and it felt genuine," Swizz said. "It's like in the Koran, asking for forgiveness. ... He apologizes and it feels honest, let it fly. If you not gonna let it fly, we might as well get it poppin' right now."

Swizzy also talked about Cassidy's recent statements over his beef with the G-Unit. "I'm a f---in' G. I told 50 what Cassidy said," Beatz admitted. "50 was like, 'Yo, he's being competitive. It ain't no problem.' I let Cassidy know the conversation we had — you ain't gonna hear Cassidy saying nothing about 50 no more. Just like you ain't never gonna hear Yayo probably ever say nothing about me. It is what it is. I stepped to 50 by myself the first time I seen him like, 'Is it a problem?' It was no problem; he played me his whole album.

"I can't let everybody hype me up and get in that fake rap beef," he added. "My life is real. My sh-- is very, very real. If I got a problem with somebody, it's very real. ... If it's nothing to talk about, let it fly."

So how does one of the most loved people in the rap game feel about being affiliated with a guy who, let's just say, isn't the master of making friends?

"I can't get involved with these n---as' emotions," Swizz rationalized. "A lot of people are going to get mad at me for working with [Cassidy]. But how you mad at me for working with him? I can't tell you not to work with certain producers. ... I'm a grown f---in' man. I'm a businessman. I'm a music person. We can keep the music sh-- where it's at and the street sh-- where it's at."

Swizz currently has a double video for "Money in the Bank" and "Top Down," and says he's contemplating nixing a "Money in the Bank" remix in favor of reworking the latter track. If you want to read more about the remixes, as well as how Swizz put the kibosh on a potential battle between Cassidy and Papoose, you know where to go: Mixtape Monday (see "Mixtape Monday: Beanie Talks Friction With Kanye; Swizz Beatz Says Cassidy Won't Battle Papoose").

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