Akon Might Have Made Plies' Song Into A Hit — Without Him — But There's No Beef

'I Wanna Love You' originally featured Plies instead of Snoop, but 'Shawty' rapper still worked with 'Kon on next single.

NEW YORK — What do you do when you have one of the hottest records in the streets, featuring one of the biggest artists in the game, and then suddenly the track gets taken away from you?

That's exactly what happened to Plies last summer when his "I Wanna Love You," featuring and produced by Akon, was tearing it up all over his home state of Florida.

By now, everyone's heard the Akon and Snoop Dogg version of the same song that actually landed on the charts. Akon explained in interviews that there was some miscommunication between him and Plies in regards to who held the rights to the track.

Luckily, Plies was able to keep it moving and rebounded with the next-best producer after Akon. T-Pain helmed the Fort Myers rapper's breakout hit "Shawty" from his debut, The Real Testament, which is due Tuesday (August 7) on Slip-N-Slide/ Atlantic Records.

"I think a lot of times when good things happen in your life," Plies told MTV News recently, "that's the only thing that people like to acknowledge. ... And I beg to differ. I think a lot of times some of the bad things that happen in your life are hidden blessings as well. For that particular situation with Akon, out of respect to the situation, I never try to talk about issues that all parties aren't currently here to talk about with me. ... In no way is there a problem amongst me and another party. [Akon and I] had the luxury of collaborating on my album. It's a real, real big record [called 'Hypnotized']. That 'I Wanna Love You' record was a big record for him, and I take my hat off to him and Snoop and congratulate them.

" 'Hypnotized,' " Plies added, "[is a] guaranteed monster. I feel really good about it."

According to Plies, the new Akon collabo is set to be his next single, which they're scheduled to shoot a video for shortly. "We chopping it up right now," he said.

Before that clip drops, however, Plies has plans to release two straight-to-Web videos from his album after "Shawty" dies down. But after that, it's all Akon — at least until it's time to make way for his momma. Plies said his likely third single would be "Runnin' My Momma Crazy," a record he made in honor of his mother.

"It's just a record that means too much to me, man," Plies said. "Because I think a lot of times being a street cat — and speaking for a lot of street cats around the world — not only when we get jammed up, get locked up, get incarcerated ... it don't just affect us. It affects our family structure. And for me, I didn't have the pleasure of having two parents. I think nowadays if you find people that have two parents it seems real odd. So I think that particular record, it touches on issues that are way far and beyond. For me, I listened to the record two weeks ago, flying from New York going back to Florida, and it made me water up.

"You don't have to be in the streets to be running your momma crazy," Plies added later. "She could want you to go to [college] and you just don't want to go there, and you could put stress on her. So I think it's a universal record that everybody is gonna embrace. You don't just have to be from the 'hood."

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