Kanye West Confirmed To Join Whistling Swedes Peter Bjorn And John Onstage At Fest

'He's going to rap on a song and we're going to play along and I'm going to dance,' says PB&J's Peter Móren. 'But I don't know specifics.'

Back in May, a track featuring Kanye West freestyling over the ubiquitous whistling of Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" had the blogosphere atwitter. Now, the latest collabo between the Louis Vuitton Don and the Swedish songsmiths might just cause our nation's finest providers of "OMG"s and "WTF?"s to simultaneously combust.

Confirming reports that first surfaced last week, West and PB&J will be taking their relationship public, appearing together onstage at the Way Out West festival on August 11 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just don't expect either party to know what will happen when they do.

"We are absolutely confirmed to do it," Peter Móren (of, duh, PB&J) told MTV News. "He's going to rap on a song and we're going to play along and I'm going to dance. But I don't know specifics, like, what we're gonna do. Just jam around a bit. I may have to choreograph a dance routine. I have to check out his videos and see what he's doing. Maybe we will put on some new suits. You know, sweat pants? Gymnastic outfits — what do you call them? Tracksuits?"

Sounds promising! And it doesn't stop there. Móren claims to have never heard West's music before he caught wind of the freestyle over "Young Folks" (which appeared on 'Ye's Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape). And no one in his band has met with the rapper to discuss their plans for the performance.

"Yeah, I guess he seems to be a nice guy. I've never listened to him, really, and I haven't heard from him at all," Móren laughed. "His manager and our manager have been talking to one another, but we haven't met. We'll meet five minutes before, hopefully, and I will say, 'How are you doing? Did you have a good meal? How's the hotel?' The usual stuff, you know? Just small talk."

And from the looks of things, the Gothenburg performance — which Móren admits will "probably" involve "Young Folks" — will be a one-time event. This despite the fact that PB&J are playing this weekend at Lollapalooza, which, A) happens to take place in West's hometown of Chicago; and B) also features Daft Punk, who West samples in his single "Stronger" (see "Kanye West's 'Stronger' Video: Japanese Motorcycle Gangs, Mad Scientists — And Cassie").

And perhaps that's a good thing, especially since West never secured PB&J's permission to sample "Young Folks," something Móren is eager to chat with him about.

"He never asked [to use it], so we're going to have a serious talk," he laughed. "Maybe we'll have to hold him up against the wall or something."