Taking Back Sunday's New Album Not So New After All

Fans puzzled over forthcoming release on band's estranged former label, Victory Records.

On October 30, Victory Records will be issuing an album from Taking Back Sunday, a bit of information that doesn't seem all that noteworthy until you realize that TBS has had fairly hostile relations with the label for more than two years.

And given that fact, there are suddenly a whole lot of people who are curious about just what this record will be — a list that also includes pretty much everyone who has anything to do with the band. It all started Wednesday afternoon, when Victory posted a news bulletin on its site that matter-of-factly stated:

"Victory Records will be releasing a Taking Back Sunday album on October 30, 2007 ... A more in-depth press release will be issued in August."

That got TBS supporters buzzing, especially since the band and Victory have maintained a rather icy relationship since the former left the latter to sign with Warner Bros. in 2005. (One infamous instance of said iciness: the leaking of an August '05 e-mail written by Victory honcho Tony Brummel to the Warner Music Group, in which he chastised them for certifying TBS records as gold without his permission and called WMG "a soulless corporate monicker [sic].") Had Taking Back left Warner and re-signed with Victory?

Well, if a band like Thursday — who went through a similar situation with Victory when they left the label in 2002 — could make amends with their old boss (see "Thursday Knew Victory Treaty 'Would Confuse Everybody' "), then anything seemed possible. Or, in an even stranger scenario, was Victory planning on releasing a re-recorded version of TBS' Tell All Your Friends, with current guitarist/vocalist Fred Mascherino and bassist Matt Rubano recording sections originally played by John Nolan and Shaun Cooper?

Well, as it turns out, the answer to those questions is a resounding "No." Victory will be releasing a TBS album, but a label rep said the album will be a collection of Victory-era tracks. The rep declined to provide further information.

When asked about the upcoming album, TBS manager Jillian Newman also declined to comment, but she did write in an e-mail to MTV News that "the release will consist of tracks released when the band was on Victory."

And finally, a spokesperson for Warner had no information about the Victory release, but stressed that Taking Back Sunday have already begun working on a genuinely new album while out on the Projekt Revolution tour (see "Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday To Headline Projekt Revolution"), and that record will be released on Warner "sometime in 2008."