Sienna Miller Says Famous Ex Aside, She's Not Her 'Interview' Character

Actress also talks about possibility of being next Bond girl — and that bathtub scene with Keira Knightley.

She's a young actress who keeps the paparazzi in business and is probably best known for the guy she slept with.

Of course, it's Sienna Miller's character in "Interview" we're talking about, not her, although the similarities are undeniable, at least on the surface. But the real news about Steve Buscemi's latest directorial effort — about a jaded journalist and the starlet he's forced to question — is Miller's great performance, a worthy follow-up to her critically acclaimed turn in "Factory Girl" (see "With Sienna Miller In Her Life Story, Edie Sedgwick Is 'It' Again").

MTV News spoke to Miller about her resemblance to her latest character, why she wants to be a better liar and how she ended up in a bathtub with Keira Knightley.

(Watch Miller talk about bending over backward to work with Buscemi — and bathing with Keira Knightley in her next flick.)

MTV: After seeing "Interview," I'm wondering what your preferred type of interviewer is. Is it like Steve Buscemi's character, who doesn't do any preparation, or the sycophantic kiss-ass?

Sienna Miller: I think generally neither. Is that an option? I'm kidding. No, don't be mean to me, so sycophantic.

MTV: Sycophantic? OK. You are amazing!

Miller: Oh, stop it! Yeah, that one works.

MTV: Rumor has it that Steve Buscemi's name got you signed on pretty quickly for this.

Miller: Yeah. I've always really respected and admired him. He's Mr. Pink [in "Reservoir Dogs"], for goodness' sake! I heard he had this project he wanted me to do, and I just said yes. Everyone told me to read the script, and I said, "No, I want to do it regardless, because if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me." It was actually very uncool in hindsight. I should be a little more mysterious instead of, "I love you, wow!"

MTV: I've heard you don't see any similarities between yourself and your character, Katya. I would think at least superficially there are some.

Miller: I think you would probably see more because of the perception of what I am. It's been hard for me to be taken seriously as an actress, like it is for her. She's more famous for who she slept with. I had a very famous boyfriend [Jude Law]. There are obvious similarities. But in terms of the way she reacts to celebrity, I am very different. She is narcissistic and ostentatious and quite comfortable with that level of attention. Whereas if there were paparazzi around she would smile, I would say, "F--- off." I love being an actress. I love my job. But I don't want to be a celebrity.

MTV: Do you find that you have to be more closed-off in the wake of things like the Rolling Stone interview in which you talked about Pittsburgh in an unflattering way? [Miller was quoted as calling the city "Sh--sburgh."]

Miller: What I've realized is that sarcasm and humor don't translate into print. Being English, I am inherently sarcastic. With that, for example, I felt terrible. I would never deliberately hurt anyone. It's hard for me to not be open because I was brought up in a very bohemian, open sort of environment. I don't want to change because of what I do. I'm not good at being deceptive and not being honest. So it's hard when I'm asked a question to not be honest. I probably have to become a better liar with the press.

MTV: I also saw you recently in "Stardust."

Miller: Oh, I haven't seen it yet.

MTV: You're not the most sympathetic character ...

Miller: Yeah, she's a bit of a beyotch. Can I say that? [She laughs.]

MTV: Between her and Katya, is this the summer of Sienna's dark side?

Miller: No, but you can create that whole drama if you want. [She laughs.] People are flawed, and those characters are more interesting. I have "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" coming out, where I am nice and sweet and angelic.

MTV: Speaking of upcoming projects, you just filmed "The Edge of Love" with Keira Knightley.

Miller: We just finished a week ago. Oh, I miss it! I always get these blues after I finish a job. That was a fantastic project. I adore Keira. She's such a wonderful actress. And it was great to have two very strong female characters. It's about friendship and love, all the things I'm into.

MTV: Is it a love triangle?

Miller: Yeah, it's sort of a love triangle. And the complications that come with love and past love and friendships. I know what you're wanting to ask!

MTV: Everyone's wondering, who is Sienna making out with? Is it Keira? Is it Matthew Rhys? Is it Cillian Murphy? Is it all of the above?

Miller:I shouldn't clear it up because it's quite good for the film. It's about friendship, and female friendship can be misunderstood. We have a bath together. But I think the whole lesbian ménage à trois thing has been totally exaggerated. There was no three-in-a-bed scene. Matthew was very upset about it. He was like, "Maybe we should add it, what do you think?" The boys said they thought it would really add to the story. So transparent. [She laughs.]

MTV: Is "Hippie Hippie Shake" something you're going to film soon?

Miller: Yes, I'm starting that in September, again with Cillian Murphy. A year of Cillian. I'm lucky. It's about '60s and '70s London, flower power. I just can't wait to see [London's] Portobello Road decked out as the '60s. I feel like I was born in the wrong era, so any excuse to spend some time back then is worth it.

MTV: There are always rumors of you playing a Bond girl. Are you interested?

Miller: I thought the last Bond film was brilliant. Daniel [Craig] is one of my best friends. He's brought so much danger and darkness. For the first time, I watched a Bond film and believed that this man is a killer. Listen, I would work with Daniel any day of the week. It would be fun. So yeah, come on, bring it on. I love Bond films.

MTV: One genre we haven't seen you in is action. Does playing an action hero interest you?

Miller: I was thinking about that! Only because since I turned 25 everything's got a bit wobbly. If I did an action picture I'd have to get a trainer and work out, which is something I never do. So part of me is very keen for that, yeah.

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