Pretty Ricky Say 'Honey' Clip Is A Sweet Successor To Mariah Carey, R. Kelly

'Love Like Honey' is third raunchy single from Miami foursome's Late Night Special.

Pretty Ricky often border on raunchy and offensive with their bedroom tales for the teen set.

From the steamy "On the Hotline" and "Push It Baby" (featuring Sean Paul) — both on Late Night Special, which debuted at the top of the Billboard albums chart earlier this year (see "How Did Pretty Ricky's 'Mouth-Watering' Album Land At #1?") — the Miami foursome always pushes the envelope.

And now with their third single, the slow-burning "Love Like Honey," the guys talk about being naughty, ask to be called daddy and employ numerous similes for their ladies' affection. But at least Pretty Ricky are giving credit where credit is due.

"We're paying homage to all the old-school R&B acts who talked about honey before," PR's Baby Blue told MTV News recently from the L.A. video set. "You got R. Kelly, he had the 'Honey Love' [with Public Announcement]. Mariah Carey had her 'Honey' record. [And now] Pretty Ricky got [their] 'Honey' record."

(Watch Pretty Ricky talk about their "Honey" inspiration.)

In the clip, the fellas chase, frolic and do all they can to have a good time with the ladies. And according to Baby Blue, the still-in-progress clip is under wraps until it debuts on the small screen.

"We can't give y'all too much on the video," he said, joking. " 'Cause y'all got to keep it locked to see the video, you feel me?"

In the meantime, fans looking to catch up with the group should check out its Web site, Pretty Ricky's Spectacular said. Previously, the guys held online contests in which their fans had the chance to vote on their album title and which song will be released next.

Now, Spectacular said, whichever city puts in 1,000 requests to see Pretty Ricky first will get its own one-off show.

"Basically, right now, we're gonna be on that 'Love Like Honey' tour," Spectacular said. "[One-thousand] demands [on the site] will have Pretty Ricky in your city like Diddy. Take that, take that!"