Paris Hilton Says She's Never Used Drugs? Not So Fast ...

Videos on tell a different story than what heiress said to Larry King on Wednesday night.

Do you remember on Wednesday when Larry King welcomed Paris Hilton onto his show for her first post-jail interview? Yeah, we've never seen so many softball questions (or so many monosyllabic responses) either. But while the whole thing was rather fluffy, there was one exchange in which King actually managed to make Hilton sweat a bit. Here's the transcript:

King: Have you ever been addicted to drugs?

Hilton: No.

King: Taken drugs.

Hilton: No.

King: Never taken drugs?

Hilton: No.

You remember that part, right? It was right after Paris admitted that the one thing she hated about herself was "when I get nervous or shy, my voice gets really high," and just before she managed to get in a plug for "The Simple Life" and mention that she's signed to work on couple of films this summer (see "Paris Hilton Talks Britney Spears, MTV Movie Awards, 'Jail Slop' In Larry King Interview").

But here's the thing: Turns out she might not have been telling the truth (about the drugs ... not the "voice gets really high" thing).

Seems that the good folks at — in a move that can only be described as a service to us all — has turned up a whole lot of videos that seem to contradict what she told King. And the site has put them on display for all to see.

In the clips (most of which seem to be filmed while on vacation in Europe) Hilton is seen — or heard — talking about smoking marijuana, buying mushrooms and proudly declaring, "I have the best pot!" She also smokes what TSG claims to be hashish in an Amsterdam cafe, fondles a handful of mushrooms in a hotel room, discusses purchasing Quaaludes from a skeevy guy named José and takes some hearty pulls from a vaporizer (which TSG refers to as "a bong-like instrument").

And while it's difficult to argue with the evidence presented in the vids, it does raise three rather obvious questions: 1) Do the editors of really not know what a vaporizer is?; 2) So, was Paris lying when she told King that she has never taken drugs?; and 3) What does Paris' publicist, the eternally besieged Elliot Mintz, have to say about this latest round of video-related chicanery from his client?

Well, as it turns out, he told MTV News he had "no comment" on the matter, officially marking the only time in history someone having nothing to say about Paris was a bad thing. In the meantime, Hilton is being called a liar in basically every form of media known to man — be it on the blogosphere, where other sites have posted even more images of her toking up; on her own MySpace page, where user comments include "How can you sit there and LIE on national tv about not doing drugs. One, alcohol is a drug, its just legal till you drive on after drinking it. 2, there are pics of you all over the web of you smoking up and doing illegal drugs"; or on television (Anderson Cooper did a, um, hard-hitting segment on the issue Thursday night.)

It's enough to make a girl long for the intimate confines of the Century Regional Detention Center ...