Lil Wayne Blames Nelly For Tha Carter, Vol. 3's Delay

'[Nelly] said, 'You gotta make them want you,' ' Weezy explains.

If you believe Universal Records' latest schedule, then you'll believe that Lil Wayne's Tha Carter, Vol. 3 is coming out sometime in October or November.

"November 2008?" Weezy asked with a grin last week in Miami when asked if his reps' idea for his release date matched his own timetable.

Even though he was joking about the disc coming out at the end of next year, he was serious about maintaining what he told Mixtape Monday earlier this month: He does not want to put out his highly anticipated project anytime this year (see "Mixtape Monday: Lil Wayne Plans His Own Leak; Cassidy's Live-From-Jail Rhymes"). No joke.

And who can his fans — who have been devouring his mixtapes, like The Drought 3 — thank for this delay? The leader of the St. Lunatics.

"A lot of things [are] coming out this year," Weezy explained. "My artist Currency, I don't wanna drown him. Then I'm on a lot of people's stuff. A lot of people want to use the songs I'm on as singles. That would be a quick, 'No, reject,' if my album was out. I don't like that. I want all that to be when I come out. ... Plus I was given advice by my big brother Nelly about how to do that. He said, 'You gotta make them want you.'

"I got a song with Enrique Iglesias and people who sell a million records on their own," he continued about his recent collaborations. "Then I got songs with people from the 'hood. I got songs with everybody. Put their fans with mine, 5 million [albums sold]!"

Iglesias recently gushed to MTV News about "Push," his unlikely collabo with Weezy that surfaced on the Latin heartthrob's just-released Insomniac.

"The cool thing about this song is it wasn't about 'let's do a song and stick a rapper on it,' " Iglesias said of the track. "Lil Wayne is one of my favorite rappers. We thought about that and said, 'OK, let's give him a call and see if he wants to be on the song.' He liked it and was kind enough to rap on it."