T-Pain, Big Boi Watch Andre 3000 Get Hitched In A Kilt — In UGK's 'Anthem' Clip

Bryan Barber-directed video also features Three 6 Mafia, David Banner, Chamillionaire — and actor Lukas Haas?

LOS ANGELES — A black man in a kilt won the Oscar for Best Actor this year, so why is Andre 3000 catching it so hard from his friends UGK, Big Boi, Three 6 Mafia and comedian DeRay Davis about getting married in one? Director Bryan Barber told them to get off the chain with it.

"The whole scene, y'all give him the business about getting married," Barber shouted recently on the Los Angeles set of UGK's "International Players Anthem" video. The video is centered around Andre's wedding, and in the beginning of the clip, his friends are trying to dissuade him from walking down the aisle.

"Somebody get on him about his kilt," Barber said. "I just want it to feel real, so y'all get started right now."

(See all the on-set antics of the "International Players Anthem" video here.)

On cue, the Mafia's DJ Paul jumped in, ribbing Dre about — among other things — looking like Scottish WWE Hall of Fame grappler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

"I thought that was a throwback jersey, it's hanging so long," Paul added about the kilt.

"Is that a purse, n---a?" Bun B asked, referring to the little pouch hanging off the kilt. "No, is that a purse, n---a?"

"This is a kilt," said Andre, who, in the video, explains that his wardrobe choice is an homage to his "Scottish" heritage. "There's a difference between a skirt and a kilt. Come on, y'all. Cool out, I'm nervous."

"You ought to be nervous — you look like an Irish stripper," Davis added. "Did you get a prenup?"

"Yeah, come on now. I got a prenup," Dre 3000 answered, straight-faced.

"You too in love to have a prenup — she's gonna take half of your 'Hey Ya!' money," Davis laughed.

Despite being the butt of several jokes, Andre later told MTV News that he was excited to be doing another record with UGK after so long ('Kast and the Underground Kingz's only other recording together is "Tough Guy," from the soundtrack to the 2000 movie "Shaft").

"You can't turn down no chance to work with UGK," said 3000, now sitting in a trailer, out of his kilt and dressed in a denim shirt and old-school Montreal Expos hat (see "Andre 3000 Stewing Over What To 'Cook Up' For New Outkast LP"). "We were in high school listening to those guys. They are one of them strong bricks in the Southern wall of hip-hop, in the foundation of it."

"It's history in the making," said Big Boi, clad in a bow tie. "A musical nuclear bomb. That's how we doing."

Three 6 Mafia, who produced the record, were originally on the song, not Outkast. Because of label politics, however, they were taken off the record.

"Shout-out to [our label] Sony," Juicy J said to Bun B sarcastically. "They did not clear the song, and they supposed to clear the song. These guys are brothers of ours — I love this record."

He loved it so much, in fact, that he wasn't upset when Outkast replaced his group. In fact, he made it happen by sending the beat to Andre.

Dre starts the record off with a conversational rap about his fairy-tale wedding and giving up the playa's life. He chose not to use any music other than the sampled background singing for his rhyme because the beat was too overpowering and his lyrics wouldn't work with it.

"I never thought we'd get away with it," Dre said. "That's a long-ass mutha----in' verse! But the beat don't come in till a minute [into the song]. You wait on it so long, when it comes, you're left like, 'Whew, yeah.' I turned it in, and Big Boi heard it and was like, 'I'm on it.' It turned into an event."

The magnitude of the song was outweighed only by the scale of the video. So many stars came down to do cameo appearances that you'll have to watch it a couple of times to catch everybody. There's a random bagpipe player, David Banner, bouncing in a performance scene; actor Lukas Haas and Big Gipp as groomsmen; T-Pain as the leader of the church choir; Khujo Goodie as a member of the choir; and Chamillionaire as a witness to a brawl between two women (involving wedding cake) at the end.

"I had to come out to the West Coast and support the legendary UGK," said Cham, who was chillin' with Pimpin' Ken and Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan. "I always loved the song, so when they told me they was shooting a video, I came through to show some love. I love the whole vibe of the video. You see I got my tie on. I don't usually wear a tie, so you know it's a special occasion. A lot of pimps are out here, a lot of beautiful women. You got Pimp C in a full-length mink coat!"

And a matching mink hat, Chamillionaire failed to add. With the tens of thousands of dollars in ice that C wore with his attire, he looked like the real Snowman.

"We're bringing the old back, recycling it and putting it in these youngsters' faces," Pimp said of his duo's August 7 release, Underground Kingz, which includes contributions from Three 6 Mafia, the Geto Boys' Willie D, Dizzee Rascal, Mannie Fresh, Jazze Pha, Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Marley Marl (see "Ex-Con Pimp C Juiced For UGK Album, Says He Has Lessons To Teach"). "If you don't know your history, how you gonna know where you going in your future, man?"

"It's a good place to see people finally giving me and my brother credit for what we been putting down for a long time," Bun said. "It's a beautiful thing to take care of business like this and take advantage of the game."

So who was most amped to see all these hip-hop legends come together? Fonzworth Bentley.

"I smashed up the gray one, bought me a red," Bentley rapped, reciting Pimp C's lyrics from the song. "Lord have mercy! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pimp C and Bun B, this is a historical moment. This is UGK and Outkast.

"All these new UGK fans, y'all don't know UGK," Bentley continued as a small crowd, including Bun B and Davis, formed around him. "My bad. I'm frustrated. This is a monumental moment. I am very excited. This is a wedding — 3000 is getting married. It's crazy."

"He don't know, but he's really getting married," Davis joked about Andre's imminent on-camera nuptials. "After we're done, I paid the chick to give me half of what she gets."