Rage Against The Machine Clock Counting Down To Wisconsin Concert

First RATM82407.com clock winds down, adding East Troy show to reunion as speculated.

It's not a new album and it's not a full tour, but one of the countdown clocks on the mysterious Rage Against the Machine site RATM82407.com has wound down and, as widely speculated, it has revealed that the group will play a show on August 24 at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin (see "Rage Against The Machine's Countdown Clock: What's It Counting Down To?").

The big reveal came just after 7 a.m. Monday morning (June 11), when a clock on the left-hand side of the page hit zero and the iconic riff of "Bulls on Parade" that was so annoyingly on loop turned over to what sounded like a live version of the anthem with lyrics. Other than announcing that tickets for the show go on sale Friday, the site revealed little else, the second clock continued to count down to the date of the concert.

After originally announcing that their headlining slot at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival would be their only reunion gig (see "Nightwatchman, Rage Reunion Have Morello Fired Up For Political Fights" and "Rage Against The Machine's Ferocious Reunion Caps Coachella's Final Night"), then adding four Rock the Bells dates, what seemed like a tentative reunion is shaping up to be a potentially more solid, longer-term situation.