Pete Wentz Denies Working With Ashlee: 'I Want No Part In Selling A Relationship'

Fall Out Boy bassist also discusses film project, band's next video.

Hey, you know those reports about Pete Wentz working with his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson, on her upcoming album? Well, they're not true.

So sayeth Wentz himself, who took time out from the Honda Civic Tour to set the record straight about the rumors, an activity which is — rather unfortunately — becoming a near-daily ritual for the Fall Out Boy bassist.

"That's pretty much the silliest recent rumor I have read," Wentz told MTV News in an e-mail. "Mostly [because] I want no part in selling a relationship. I mean, it is not true. She hasn't really played me any of [her album]. I heard part of a demo that I liked, though.

"I mean, reports getting out are a bummer when they are absolutely not true. But at the same time you have to understand that this is part of the territory."

It's territory Wentz has been exploring for more than a year now, roughly ever since some, er, intimate photos of his body leaked onto the Internet back in March, 2006 (see " Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Comments On ... You Know, Those Photos "). But since he started dating Simpson, things have really gone haywire (see "Pete Wentz's Bar Draws Jay-Z, Ashlee"). Not a day goes by that he's not featured on some or other gossip site — a trend he's not exactly actively defusing, mind you, but at this point he feels things have moved from beyond ridiculous to pretty hilarious.

"I don't care much what people say about me, but I do care how it affects the rest of my band," Wentz wrote. "I guess I'm just happy with aspects of my life that I haven't been [happy with] in years, and I don't feel like I should feel guilty for that. Sometimes, the rumors are laughable though."

OK, so if he's not working on Simpson's new disc, what is on Wentz's plate? Well, perhaps not content to lord over a burgeoning empire that already includes platinum records, sold-out tours, Web sites, a clothing line and a bar, he's turned his attention to screenwriting, working on a semi-secret story with FOB frontman Patrick Stump.

"Patrick and I have been writing new FOB songs and working on a big project. We are writing a story that we kind of want to end up animated. Not too sure on whether it will ever go or how much of a 'Hollywood' project it would be," he wrote. "But it is kind of a narrative that seems to be nonexistent in recent animated stories."

And the news doesn't stop there ... Wentz and company recently shot a video for "The Take Over, The Breaks Over," which they plan on premiering soon. After all, as the past year has shown us, there's never a dull moment in Fall Out Boy land.

"The new video is way more low-key then our past ones, one-day shoot and all," Wentz wrote. "Think 'The Science of Sleep' meets 'The Dog Whisperer.' I think it'll end up on the Internet soon."

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