Justin Long, Anna Faris, Andy Milonakis 'Waiting ...' For A Sequel No Longer

'Most people are coming back at least for cameos,' Milonakis says of 'Still Waiting.'

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Two years ago, fast-rising stars Justin Long, Anna Faris, Dane Cook, Andy Milonakis and Ryan Reynolds came together for a crude, rude, attitude-fueled flick about disgruntled restaurant workers. Now they're making plans to reunite, determined to show the world once again that they're "Still Waiting."

"We're shooting 'Waiting ... 2' this summer," Milonakis revealed to MTV News Sunday on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet (see "Jessica Biel, Jay-Z, More Go Casual-Chic On Anything-Goes Movie Awards Red Carpet" and "MTV Movie Awards Get Dirty: Baron Cohen, Ferrell Mash; Rihanna Sizzles; Silverman Says 'Bleep!' ").

"It's called 'Still Waiting,' " added his co-star Alanna Ubach, who portrayed surly staff member Naomi in the 2005 cult comedy. "The basic plot is that the restaurant is still open, but it's going through a lot of trouble. It's really sinking, and [the waiters] are doing anything they can to keep it open. And a lot of crazy things happen along the way!"

Set at a T.G.I. Fridays-like restaurant called Shenanigan's, the original film was written and directed by former waiter Rob McKittrick. Depicting the retaliatory techniques of middle-wage wait staff against their customers, the flick introduced some graphic sexual ideas — and also introduced several actors who would soon go on to higher-profile flicks.

"I think most people are coming back at least for cameos," Milonakis said of actors like Long (now in "Live Free or Die Hard"), Anna Faris ("My Super Ex-Girlfriend") and Dane Cook ("Mr. Brooks"). Skyler Stone, who played a cook in the original flick and reteamed with Ubach for the Best Movie Spoof nominee "Quentin Tarantino's Little Miss Squirtgun," added that he also plans to return for the sequel.

One actor who will not be coming back, however, is star Ryan Reynolds. "Everybody but Ryan is doing at least a cameo," Milonakis added.

When pressed for more details, the always-offbeat Milonakis offered a few leaks that seem more imaginative than factual, including "It's set at a T.G.I. Fridays restaurant on the moon" and "I'm gonna go have sex with a boy." But he did reveal one plot point that we fully expect from his rebellious busboy character. "There'll be a lot more weed smoking," he promised.

Ubach — whose genitalia-revealing scene was either the funniest or most objectionable moment in "Waiting ...," depending on who you ask — took the opportunity to add in her own spoiler. "Oh yeah!" she grinned, pointing to her chest and growling. "This time you'll see these!"

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