Lindsay Lohan At The Crossroads: Has She Worn Out Her Welcome In Hollywood?

Actress' father says she's an addict; film producers rearrange shooting schedule to accommodate rehab stint.

As the dust slowly settles from a wild weekend that landed Lindsay Lohan in headlines and (ultimately) rehab, the actress is getting support from some quarters and threats of unreturned calls from others, as the Hollywood establishment decides whether or not she's gone too far.

According to her estranged father, Lohan is suffering from multiple addictions that include alcohol and the powerful, highly addictive painkiller OxyContin.

E! Online reported the news on Wednesday, quoting Michael Lohan, who said, "I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care ... And I'm satisfied they are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and things. That's a very important step."

Prior to last weekend's car crash and subsequent trip to rehab (see "Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab: Report"), Lohan was slated to start filming a role in the dark comedy "Poor Things" this week. Shirley MacLaine, one of the film's stars and producers, said in a statement that Lohan still wants to be in the movie and that, "we are trying to rearrange the shooting schedule to facilitate her working at the end of the shoot to coincide with the completion of her rehabilitation."

Lohan's hard partying and unflattering paparazzi photos from the weekend — including widely circulated ones from Monday in which she appears to be passed out in a friend's car — may have seriously derailed what was a promising Hollywood career.

According to a story in The New York Times, the repeated bad behavior by Lohan, culminating with her second trip to rehab in three months, might finally have dropped her off decision makers' short lists for upcoming film projects. An unidentified studio head told the paper he would not hire Lohan again until she proved herself to be healthy and reliable, and the paper speculated that to get work again, the "Georgia Rule" star might have to post her salary as a bond or pay for her own insurance to minimize studio risk.

Well before her latest problems, an executive at Disney — where she made four movies, including "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded" — sat her down in 2005 and explained to the young actress that she was at a crucial crossroads. Nina Jacobson, who ran the studio at the time, told the Times, "I told her before the movie began, 'This is the moment in your career where you either become Kristy McNichol or Jodie Foster" — two former child actresses whose careers took divergent paths. Lohan was fine on the set of "Herbie," but she reportedly went missing during the international press tour in Europe to promote the movie.

"The image issue aside, professionalism-wise we were disappointed," Jacobson said. "And I was sad, because she's so charismatic and appealing onscreen. It's a very sad thing to see it go to waste this way." Lohan's spokesperson did not return calls and e-mails requesting comment.

Assuming she spends the expected 30 days at the Promises rehabilitation facility, Lohan might be forced to put off the recording of her next album, which she recently told MTV News was going to have an "urban pop" sound and which she had planned to spend four months recording, beginning in June or July.

The rehab stint will also knock Lohan out of her previously announced appearance at this weekend's MTV Movie Awards, breaking a three-year streak of hosting or presenting at the event (see "MTV Movie Awards Get Even Sexier With Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore").

Lohan's career might not be the only thing in jeopardy after the weekend. California authorities are also investigating whether Lohan, who turns 21 on July 2, was illegally served alcohol while partying at the Hollywood club Les Deux over the weekend, and if the bar served her after the state-mandated 2 a.m. last call. In response to a number of incidents in which underage stars were seemingly served alcohol at trendy nightspots, authorities have been conducting undercover investigations in recent weeks to see if the clubs are providing alcohol to patrons who are underage.

The Associated Press reported that the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is reviewing tapes that show Lohan leaving the Les Deux club in Hollywood at 3:30 a.m. A club spokesperson said Lohan was eating dinner at the club and not drinking and that she stayed late because a horde of paparazzi were waiting for her outside.

Witnesses reports are being reviewed by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to determine if a formal investigation is warranted, the AP reported.