Maroon 5 Getting Love From Katharine McPhee, Lil Jon — And Even Lily Allen?

Band held It Won't Be Soon Before Long release party Tuesday night in West Hollywood, California.

If you're going to buy one album this week, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has a little advice for you.

"I would probably buy Maroon 5's album — it's pretty good," he said (see "Maroon 5 Back With 'Harder' Album After Adam Levine Gets Sick Of Partying").

Maybe there's a slight bias there, but the band did have some credible supporters in its corner at the It Won't Be Soon Before Long album-release party held Tuesday at the Lot in West Hollywood, California.

Lil Jon — who also has his Crunk Rock album on the horizon (it's currently slated for a fall release; see "Name-Dropping Lil Jon Plans To Rock With Mariah, Snoop, R. Kelly") — told MTV News, "The new album, the single ['Makes Me Wonder'] is crazy. So I'm just here having fun, supporting my boys."

(Watch Adam Levine thank Lil Jon for his support by giving him a big bearhug, right here.)

The band arrived just as Katharine McPhee was chatting with MTV News. "They're so cute!" she said, stopping mid-sentence to check out the very dapper boys as they posed for photos on the red carpet.

(Who is Katharine McPhee voting for in the "American Idol" finals? Watch what she has to say right here.)

With the first single "Makes Me Wonder" already on the airwaves, Maroon 5 confirmed that their second single will be "Wake Up Call." Although they wouldn't divulge too much about the video they have planned, Levine said, "Some really amazing directors are excited about it. I can't tell you who, but it's gonna be great."

Levine's personal approach to songwriting has not changed since the last album, 2002's Songs About Jane, despite his private life becoming more public. "All of this can kinda wash away when we write songs," he said. "The process hasn't really changed, just the situation."

Levine also got a chance to clear the air over recent he-said/she-said drama with Lily Allen — Levine bit back after the British singer called President George W. Bush an "a--hole" and Texans "backward." He said the situation was taken out of context. "We're good, Lily and I are good," he said. "We worked it out."

The band is no stranger to verbal jabs from across the pond. In 2005, Noel Gallagher and Levine traded words in the press after the Oasis guitarist said he wished Maroon 5 hadn't been on the bill for the U.K.'s V Festival. But the always-cool Levine took the high road again on Tuesday night: "We're huge fans of the band," he said.

Another band Maroon 5 are huge fans of? The Police. Levine and the gang are opening for the reunited rockers on July 10 at Miami's Dolphin Stadium and say it's the coolest thing they've done in their career (see "The Police Bust Out World Tour Dates; Will Their Reunion Last?").

But before that larger-than-life gig, the band will kick off an intimate club tour May 30 in Boston to preview new material for fans. "The tickets are going to be made available to our fan club first, which are the people that have been supporting us forever," guitarist James Valentine said.

The band is still searching for an opening act for the trek, which the guys made no secret about Tuesday night.

"Anybody got a band here?" Valentine joked.

"Yeah, we're taking submissions at this point. You got a band?" Levine added, directing toward a red-carpet photographer.

While Maroon 5 don't know where to look for support, the Police sure do.

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